Who has tried Bliss Softening Socks?

  1. I was thinking about buying a pair for a Christmas gift (& For me :p) How do you like them? Do they really work?
  2. No but I use their gloves and I love them.
  3. Ohhh, I want to try their gloves.
  4. I have them from Borguese--I am sure Bliss is probably the same. They are great. They are a nice outside fabric, ankle socks. The inside is this plastic gel feeling thing that softens your skin. The only bad thing is they are next to impossible to walk in. If you have to go to the bathroom at night you feel like you are walking on jello socks.....but your feet sure do look fantastic when you wear them. I bought my sister and mother a pair and they also loved them, so I know they work.
  5. Whats in the gloves that makes your skin feel soft?
  6. All I know is that it's gel. I dont get how a gel sock/glove can make your hands or feet soft. But, it looks like the ladies who have them like them so I think I'll try them out. My feet are gnarly I definitely need the socks & I think they will make a nice gift for my grams.
  7. i buy the gloves and socks regularly for my mother and SO's mother-they seem to like them. they work even better if you put on a very moisturizing lotion before putting on the gloves. the gloves are lined with a moisturizing gel. but my mother has said it gets pretty nasty in the summer, since it's thick and gel-lined you sweat in the socks/gloves so yucky! :wtf:
  8. I tried the ones from B&BW's. I didn't see a huge improvement. Of course I have nasty, dry heals. They made them softer, but they were still dry. I think if I would get regular pedicures, use a pumice daily, put lotion on my feet daily, and use the socks it would work. I'm just lazy! They make your feet sweat and it drives me nuts to sleep with socks on.
  9. ^^That is how my feet are, too. Sometimes at night I put AHA body lotion on my feet & wear socks-My feet totally sweat. I can only imagine how bad it would be with gel socks :push: I'll just buy them for my grandma. I know what to do to get my feet looking good I'm just lazy. Just like you said CFG it takes regular maintenance.