who has this watch?Tag heuer golf watch

  1. id love to see this watch :P help :love: :love: post some pics
    tag specialist.jpg
  2. I have never seen that one, but I like it!! What does it retail for?
  3. Cute watch, I love my Tag!
  4. it is so0o0o0 cute... ive seen it already but the one i tried was the black one... the white one is TDF!!:yahoo: i wanted to get 1, but i havent seen a white irl... it retails about $1000usd...:love: its worth the price :tender: :girlsigh:
  5. Does anyone have this watch? What do they think? I am looking for a new watch and this appeals to me. I really wanted one with links, though.
  6. Is this watch more of a ladies watch?
  7. My dad has a black one. He loves it, but as an everyday watch, he sticks with his Rolex. I think he wears it on the golf course because the buttons and stem are on the left side, so it's better for swinging.