who has this bag?

  1. i m just trying to figure out how big it really is and how much i can fit in it. (i think my mom bought it for me at the outlet) also how long is the strap? thanks!
  2. At my wedding one of my bridesmaids was carrying that exact bag! I was shocked because she never carries purses but got it because she had a lot to carry recently. She's a skinny thing but it looked nice on her shoulder and seemed to fit just fine! It's VERY cute!
  3. I just bought two of these bags (camel nubuck and white pebbled) last weekend at the Outlet mall. I even posted pics of it but my thread was closed because apparently it was in the wrong section. (I thought the Outlet section of the forum was for questions about outlet shopping only, not sharing purchase experiences.)

    Anyway, the bag measures 7 3/4" x 10" x 3 1/4". Strap is
    7" but there are four holes so you can still lengthen or shorten it some more.

    I'm petite, barely 5' and this bag suits me perfectly. It is the right size as it's not to small or too big. It fits my wallet (you can even fit an envelope sized wallet), brush, checkbook, cell phone, and lots of other small stuff without the bag being overcrowded. Weight is in between. Ergo is still lighter but this is not as heavy as the leather Carly (which I don't own but just tried on at another store).

    The mahogany brown you showed is very pretty! That would have been my first choice but somebody I know and usually bump into carries it so I thought I'd get the other colors. Hope you enjoy it as much as I am enjoying it!
  4. I saw it yesterday and it looks like it holds a lot.
  5. ya the brown is pretty. this is just the pic i found. if this is my bag, it is in black.
  6. Those are the from the previous chelsea collection, '04 or '05, I think.
  7. One can never go wrong with black!
  8. I also inquired about this bag in the Outlets thread! I actually like it, but I don't know when it was released and whether it was outlet only. Is it still available anywhere? It really looks nice.
  9. Brandless, would u mind posting some pics of the bags here on ur arm? the colours sound fab! thanks
  10. Gabz, here are the photos. I love the camel better as it's made of nubuck suede and the texture is so great! Can't wait for fall when I'll start using it.
    1.JPG 2.JPG chelseasuede.JPG chelseapebbled.JPG
  11. I just bought these two bags this weekend at an outlet mall in Missouri. They had lots of it in different colors and the saleslady said the price for that weekend was the lowest it has been so far. I'm just not sure if this bag was made for outlet only but I remember last year seeing a similar chelsea texture and color but different closure (not zipper but turnlock).
  12. wow! it looks sooo cute. now i cant wait to get mine! (my parents come home in a few days)
  13. Lucky you! Enjoy your new bag!