Who has this bag, and what do you think about it?

  1. I find myself really drawn to this messenger style bag. Really don't know much about it...is it a 2006 model? It is described only as the Britt messenger...is that accurate? I'd love it in a color other than milky white. Have no idea of my chances of finding this bag.

    Who here has this? Do you like it? Thanks in advance.
  2. I think it may be a 2006, but if I'm not mistaken I still think it's at gucci.com. I don't have it..lots of other Gucci, but not that one.

    I have also seen it a ton on Bluefly for like the past 6 months. Actually, just checked and they have it for $1,432 right now (if you buy it, go to fabuloussavings.com first to launch a 10% off coupon so you can save even more $).

    The color is gorgeous and would be a great bag to have. It's definitely a statement piece...I love the GG hardware.
  3. I think Jill has it...
  4. Yep I think Jill has it too, and I believe 2006 is correct. I don't have this but I have the britt hobo. I love the G ornaments in mine but with the zippers it seemed too much on the messanger. Besides that (which is personal taste) I think it looks good and has good function, so if it didn't have the huge GG's on it I might consider it. Also the one I'd seen in real life was black..never thought about the white one..