Who has these Vanessa Hudgen boots?

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  1. I know these boots have been ID already as the Joie dream boots in Mushroom. But for those who were able to snag these (so lucky!), can you tell me what the color is exactly? Is it like a Taupe color? Dark brown? I've been searching for these, and since I wear a size 5, it's impossible to find. I'm trying to look for something similar but I'm unsure of the exact color. Thanks for your help! Pics would be great too;)


  2. I would try the Chinese Laundry Turbo...they come in black and grey leather or black, brown, and grey suede. I paid 80 for mine and they are soooo comfy and cute. VH has them in black! :smile:
  3. I actually have the Chinese Laundry Turbo in grey, but they don't seem to carry a color that's similar to VH's Joie boots. I want to find something similar in color since I can't seem to get my hands on the actual Joie boots in the mushroom color.
  4. Oh and it's a taupe. The sunset lighting on the Wildfox tee photo makes it look browner than it is.
  5. Thanks Scarce, I wear a size 5 or else I would totally grab the one on Revolve. So it's def a taupe? You have the Joie boots?
  6. wait has someone discussed the purse in the pic of her on the phone luv it.


  7. Yes, and the fit is snug. It's a low-profile, tight toe box.
    Sizing up might work on these.
  8. I JUST got these yesterday and then searched around and realized they've been talked about on the forum! I just randomly found them at the Neiman's Last Call outlet, I got them for $172 in a size 7. I'm glad they worked out, my calves are athletic and my feet are wide, so even though I'm a 6.5-7 in Joie, I needed to go up half a size for the boots. If they had a 7.5, I would have probably settled with that instead of the 7

    the mushroom suede is really cute, it's like a taupe color!

    I wish I could find these in black too, I'd own two of the same pair.
  9. i am looking for these in the taupe. size 10 or 40. i went up and if you are a 5 you could do a 6 easily without them being too big. you can find them in the black in most sizes from addison craig.com or something like that. and they are on sale for 225.
  10. I have them and they are more the color in the first pic you posted! I had to size up half a size too with these!
  11. Revolve is SOLD OUT :sad:

    I want these so bad. I wear a size 6.5 if anyone finds a pair, please let me know!

    & BABYK, if I find one in a 5, I'll let you know as well!
  12. Aw man, the size 6 on Revolve are sold out! I should've just bought it since Revolve has free shipping. I just thought that a whole size up would be too big. I'm really a true size 5. Snoopy, they have the black ones on Revolve http://www.revolveclothing.com/DisplayProduct.jsp?product=JOIE-WZ50&c=Joie&sc=Shoes and on Shopbop http://www.shopbop.com/dream-some-over-knee-boot/vp/v=1/845524441824477.htm?folderID=2534374302046542&fm=browse-brand-viewall-shopbysize. They have size 5 in black on Shopbop but I really want the mushroom color. Anna, they have 6.5 in black. I'm going to try to find something similar.
  13. Ughhhhhhhh, so hard to find them :sad:

    I can't believe I missed them when ShopBop had them on sale!
    I am kicking myself!
  14. I know what you mean Anna... I'm kicking myself too. I keep checking Revolve to see if that person who bought the size 6 is going to return it, haha.