Who has these Tiffany earrings?

  1. Anyone have pics of them on? I'm thinking of buying them next time I go to the mall.
  2. I don't have them, but I do like them!!
  3. i have them, but i hardly ever wear them. i just find them too big for my ears. my camera isn't charged, so i can't take a pic...sorry!
  4. I have them,and have been wearing them everyday for the past two years!
  5. My daughter has them, they were her Sweet 16 present. They are very nice, and they do take up most of the ear lobe.
  6. I have them, too. Love them. They're a great basic earring for everyday. I get lots of compliments on the shine they give off.
  7. Yeah I want them as an everyday earring. I first saw one on some girl when I went to this SAT workshop but it was a realllly long time ago.
  8. Don't have them but think they are really cute.
  9. Oh yayy, I was thinking of buying them this weekend, but we'll see, it's either that or a 34" tag necklace..

    BTW I LOVE KEANE!! I saw them twice in concert last year:heart:
  10. i once had the earrings but the stem on them kind of bent so i returned them and got something else. becareful when you are taking them out of the pouch and not apply any pressure when opening the snap closure or otherwise you might bend it ( i think that's how it happened to me ). otherwise i think they're really cute, go get them!
  11. Don't have them. But think they are super cute.
  12. Cute but I'm kinda over tiffany sterling, I think the quality is not what it use to be.....I'm thinking of making my tag necklace into two necklaces for my minpin and chi Lola and Daisy.
  13. I have them and LOVE LOVE LOVE them!
    earrings2.jpg 061607_18261.jpg
  14. I seen people wearing them. They are cute
  15. thanks for the pic they are so cute