Who has the....

  1. ..Shoulder day/saddle bag? If I can save up enough I'm thinking of getting this, at first I wanted the city but I saw pics of it on Nicky http://www.nickystyle.com/images/75.jpg and it looks so cute. If you have it or have seen it in person whats it like on your shoulder? Is it comfy etc? Also if you have it could you please post pics of it for me on or off you lol.:biggrin:
  2. My only Balenciaga bag (for now, at least :graucho:) is a day bag and I love love love it. It's really big, but I don't feel that it looks very good if it's stuffed full of stuff. But I can still fit my wallet, keys, small makeup pouch, ipod, digital camera, glasses case, cell phone and an extra pair of shoes and it's maybe 1/4 full.
  3. I've owned a day ;) you can check out my 'photos wearing your balenciaga' thread - I think I posted a photo of it on!

    It's sooooooo gorgeous, one of my favorite styles! :smile:

    (Although it is not in my hands anymore, it is going to a loving home, and I'll miss it!)

    eta: that is actually the exact bag I had, the sky blue day that Nikki has on.
  4. i think it's a great style, one of the most practical bags i have ever had, totally comfortable and i love the way it looks on!
  5. Thanx girls, byMiMi wheres that thread? I don't know if I've seen it.:lol:
  6. i just bought a hobo day bag in grey & i absolutely love it :love:
  7. I want a hobo too. it's one of the many bags on my list.
  8. MiMi, I can't believe you sold your Sky Blue Day bag...I saw the pic and it looks PERFECT on you. Please tell me you're planning to get another Day bag in the future.
  9. OMG, I just bought a sky blue day bag just like the one Nikki has on, maybe I bought it from Mimi! Got it on ebay yesterday for $700 and it already arrived today. Here's a pix
    I think the day bag is PERFECT! Honestly, there are so many fake ones of the other styles, so I think the day has preserved it's integrity. :graucho:
  10. ^ that bag is simply gorgeous! Congrats, dmc!
  11. I saw it in person on a plane Sunday and it looked so lush and great with a casual piece. I saw the caramel colored one, was a gorgeous color.
  12. congrats dmc, it wasn't mine (another lovely pf'er got mine :love:)... i do hope to get another day in the future! :smile: it's a perfect style.

    aaa, that's an emerald classique from s/s '03! :smile:
  13. Ooh theres so many bags I want, why can't I be rich?:lol: