Who has the softest leather?

  1. I love soft leather. I adore it, I love the puddle it makes on a hobo, I love how broken in it feels. I LOVE LEATHER. :hbeat:

    My favorite mushy leather bag is my Purple Hailey, its made by Coach and it has sentimental value, as well as the fact that I catch myself always touching it, like the sexy sassy man that he is. (I know its purple, but why do bags, cars, and objects we like always have to be she? So this Hailey is a sexy dude.) ;)

    That being said, I am open to other brands, but unless they are over $1,500 I don't see a soft mushy leather like this. I don't recall what kind of leather it is. And my gf has a Givenchy that is crazy soft...but its so much money!

    I have looked into Micheal Kors but...they seem to busy to me, the bags have too much going on...plus it is not as soft, it seems more rubbery, same for Cole Haan. Very soft! But I want baby butt soft. Haha

    So my question is, who has the softest leather, that is more bang for buck, and what is the best "material" for soft leather? Is it calf? Nappa, so I know to keep an eye out! :graucho:

    Chime in ladies & gents!
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  2. I'd say Roots has the softest leather--- I've owned bags that retailed for $1000+ that couldn't compare to their leather. To be specific, their Prince leather line has the softest, smooshiest leather ever. And their price range is really reasonable too ($200-500).
  3. Linea Pelle! Buttery, soft, smooth, puddly
  4. This!
  5. The softest leather is lambskin or baby nappa. In the reasonable price range, I agree with the two posters above, Linea Pelle. I do not own one but I have felt the bags in the stores. Cole Hahn is another company that makes a buttery soft lambskin leather bag and very good quality. I was impressed touching the new Coach Lindsey handbag too!

    Sometimes you might get lucky if you visit the BV outlets.
  6. I wanted to add one more brand but I don't know if they are still in business or where to find it ~ Abaco. - The softest lambskin and very well made bags!
  7. Agree! I have a Dylan crossbody of some sort (I think) and its leather is so soft and buttery. Love it!
  8. I have an amazingly soft Via Spiga I got at Ross/TJMaxx/Marshalls from about 10 or 12 years ago. It is still my softest bag!
  9. Chloe Paddington bags have incredibly soft leather. Some Balenciagas, too, but they aren't that consistent (I have 3 Balenciaga black bags and they all have different softness).
  10. A well-broken in Balenciaga, especially lambskin...
  11. yes but I am looking for something less than about 500 or 600 dollars
  12. I would say look at Rebecca Minkoff, but their leather varies from style to style and season to season. Also Junior Drake has some amazing leather, but sometimes their bags are too busy. Olivia Harris has some amazing bubble lambskin that is super smooshy too.
  13. oopss...sorry, my bad :smile:
    but your coach looks absolutely lovely and soft.;)
  14. Definitely check out Junior Drake.
  15. I have a cream colored Roots Hobo that is the softest I've ever seen.