Who has the small Koala wallet

  1. I heard that there are small ones in stores with 6 credit card slots.
    I'm thinking about exchanging for that one.
    Is there any pics of the small one here? TIA
  2. I wasn't aware Koala had different sizes. Could you be thinking about Billfold? That one comes with 6 credit card slots, although they do have one with 9 slots too I believe. But I may be wrong. Hopefully someone else can help you here.
  3. didn't the small koala come with 3 credit card slots? i mean i was @ LV the other day and it's really small...i was choosing between the regular sized koala and went for a gucci that has 10 credit card slots..
  4. This is what Koala wallet looks like: http://www.eluxury.com/browse/product_detail.jhtml?styleid=10896824&SectionID=

    It has 9 credit card slots. The only one I know with 3 credit card slots is Ludlow.

    I may be wrong though. Does anyone else know for sure?
  5. It does have a small one with 6 card slots. It is $410.

  6. Really? What does it look like? Can you post a pic?
  7. Yes, please, could you post pictures. I have never seen the smaller one. Thanks :flowers:
  8. Is it the koala card holder??
  9. I bought the small koala wallet to use in my smaller bags, and I love it. I have not gone back to my other wallet since I got it. The one drawback though, is that it doesnt have a change slot. I dont really mind this, because I dont really use change. Here are some pics:

    It has six credit card slots, an ID holder, and a place for a small picture. It also has a slot for bills.
    lv1.JPG lv2.JPG lv3.JPG
  10. Thanks for posting pictures dk2504. It's pretty :love:
  11. Wow, I didn't know a smaller size existed till now. Thanks for the pics. The wallet is very cute!
  12. Thank you! I saw someone talk about 6 card slot Koala in another forum. I guess it would be cute.
  13. Oh, probably this is the name:P :P :P :P :P
  14. Thank you very much! This this cute! I bought the larger one, it's kinda too large to me since I'm using pochette most of the time and I have tiny hands:love: :love: :love: :love:
    I guess I'm gonna return the large one to elux and get this one. Do you mind to tell me about the measurements of this wallet? Does it come in Damier? I guess I have to go to NY to get.
    Thanks a lot!
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