who has the SCAD 'salt marsh' scarf?

  1. i've been seeing it on eBay lately and i rather like the design -- i was wondering whether it ties nicely and goes with a lot.

  2. gga has at least one I beieve.
  3. Right you are, QM. Gga and I both have the aubergine-bordered colorway (see mine in the background of this picture of my gold Bolide). I also have the almond green colorway. It also comes in an orange colorway. This past spring, the scarves were still available at the SCAD gift shop in Savannah. I'm not sure why someone in Savannah suddenly has so many to sell unless something happened like SCAD put the last ones on sale and the eBay seller scooped them all up. I'm a big fan of this design, but I recall Rose thinking it had too many bugs on it.

  4. i thought the same thing, but i called the SCAD shop today, and they still have them for $295. :confused1:
  5. Its a great deal, I think. The scarf is pretty!

    I was however annoyed at that sellers high price for shipping priority mail outside the 48 states!!! I mean, priority mail is the same regardless....Yet they charge 10$ to the continental US and $30 anywhere else!!! It used to be $50!!! That really bugged me. (end of rant that is all about me me me)
  6. well, that's easy to fix -- i'll buy and forward to you.
  7. LOL, no really, its OK. You sweet enabler you!!!

    Pretty scarf, but not on my hot list.

    Its just the principle of the thing....we get dinged for shipping charges from here to tuesday, it just bugs me when they charge extra for USPS. Just peevish, not needing the scarf!!!

    Sorry to hijack!!

    Which CW are liking, DQ??
  8. The high price of overseas shipping could be simply due to the extra effort required to send overseas - customs forms etc that seem to change on a whim depending on whether the USPS is worried about terrorism that day

    As a sender, I am always worried that I am doing things in accordance with the latest regs & they will refuse to send my package
  9. MarieT, your point is a good one, however, CB lives within one of the 50 United States--just not one of the ones located on the continental US. No customs forms are needed for USPS to send things to her state.
  10. the store manager is called amy and the ebay seller is amyandrandy, a coincidence?
  11. :yes:
    Yup! And flat rate USPS priority shipping is the same in those boxes.

  12. DQ----!! We have another sleuth onboard!!

  13. Ladies..... you are good!
  14. Hmmmm, very interesting. And check out the other eBay seller of these scarves who also is located in Savannah and whose listings look just like amyplusrandy's: randyzurcher. The feedback for amyplusrandy and randyzurcher indicates that not only has amyplusrandy sold some of these scarves but also that amyplusrandy later bought at least one from randyzurcher--for one of the lowest sales prices for randyzurcher. Another coincidence? :confused1:
  15. I forgot....what is SCAD?