Who has the pink verni alma mm ??????

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  1. I really want the pink color!!!!!! The thing is my Vuitton sa says unless you are really careful, your clothes can rub off on it!!! Does anyone else have a personal experence with that color? :cloud9:
  2. wow...that's upsetting to hear! Now I am really interested in feedback!
  3. Are you talking about the rose pop? It is a dark enough pink you should not have to really worry. I would not wear it brand new dark denim or anything else really dark that has not been washed a bunch of times. And keep it away from any type of news or magazine print.
  4. Is this for all Vernis colors or just Rose Pop? Did the SA say that color only or all colors?
  5. I think this can happen with any vernis that isnt super dark....
  6. Oh no!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We need more feedback on this...where are the rest of the ALMA owners!!!!!!!!!!:wtf::wtf::wtf:
  7. my SA told me the same thing about azur when i was getting a speedy. actually convinced me to get damier ebene. i think that is the case with any bag and as long as you aren't rubbing it on your pants or are conscious of what you're doing, you'll be fine
  8. Only the rose color. She just said it's not an everyday bag...............Ah it went down $70 though! IS anyone else excited about that?!?!?
  9. Yeah it's pretty common (from comments posted by Vernis owners) that there is the risk of colour transfer on Vernis especially the lighter colours. But alot of people seem to not have any issues.
  10. With any light vernis color there is a chance that your jeans will rub off and cause color transfer. Do not wear this bag with new jeans or with jeans in the rain (since denim tends to bleed when it gets wet). Also you have to be careful not to leave the bag out in the sun or near heat for a long time because you could get discoloration (slight yellowing of the vernis).

    I am waiting for a few rose pop pieces right now but they have not arrived yet but this color is fairly bright and probably not easy to wear everyday...

    I used to have the Fuchsia Vernis Houston (from 03 - this color is similar to rose pop, but brighter and with a slight purplish tint) and when I sold that bag there was no discoloration or color transfer. I really babied that bag though and it was hardly ever used. Its pretty common for lighter color pieces from this line to have color transfer or discoloration.
  11. Its happened to almost every bag of any brand I have owned, haha, I have this black pea coat that destroyed about 4 bags handles until I realized what was happening! now only black bags with that coat...anywho, The rose pop alma is FANTASTIC, just wash your jeans and go for it! :tup:
  12. Hmmm interesting to hear rose pop owners replys.... i'm mulling over getting the pink or the new Grey one!
  13. Have you had this problem with your Pomme Alma?
  14. Yes, my duaghter ruined her white mc speedy from a navy sweater. Dark colour vernis shows fingerprints, light colours have a problem with colour transfer. But like anything if you take care of it, it will be beautiful for many years.
  15. i think it was mostly with the older colors(they were a lot lighter) that this happened with. like marshmellow, etc. but yes, LV says that vernis is susceptible to color transfer.