Who has the oldest Birkin?

  1. Now that we have the oldest (I think) Kelly with NewHermesLover, I wonder who has the oldest Birkin?

    The reason I am asking is that I am interested (if the owner is willing to post some pictures) in how the Birkin has evolved through the ages. OK, we know about the H zipper stops and also a slightly different typeface on the hardware thanks to HG, but what other details have changed? I would also be interested in seeing old HACs.

    So, 'fess up, who has a vintage Birkin/HAC?
  2. :confused1: What about the H zipper stops? Not all authentic Hermes zippers have the H stop....
  3. Great question. Did the Birkin come to be in the early 80's?
  4. We need Tokyo Traveller to answer this one. Her mother has one of the first Birkins to come out.
  5. If I remember correctly, the Birkin was first made in 1984.
  6. Yes, 1984 is correct.
  7. Question............. if there are 26 characters in the english alphabet, then the new cycle would have been 2010. Which letters did they skip since the new one is J and its the 10th character.
    I'm confused, please help a girl out :yes: .
  8. Hi Isus, the H zipper stop was introduced a couple of years ago but it appears that H craftsmen are not consistent in using it. So, some have it, some don't.
  9. I may not have the oldest Birkin, but I'm probably the oldest tpf member with a Birkin ! :roflmfao:
  10. Not sure of anyone here. i'm certain Jane Birkin has the oldest birkin of all. she only own one birkin throughout her life, black box birkin w/GH, (correct me if i'm wrong.)
  11. :roflmfao: :roflmfao: