who has the multicolore pochette mm???

  1. I need some info please. Do you know if it will hold a small clamshell cell phone? Can someone post pics with their stuff inside??

    thank you!
  2. Love this bag, just afraid of the red lining. I want to see too.
  3. Are you talking about the Cozy?
  4. depends mainly on the WIDTH your camera, if you have something as thin as the Sony T7 (1 cm) or anything upto 2.5cm, then YES it'll fit, otherwise you'll have probs
  5. pochettemm.jpg
  6. I'd go to the boutique if possible and see if you want to fit in it will fit.
  7. I think a cell phone should be able to fit inside?
  8. yup if it's small AND slim....since the bag doesn't have the bottom....

    it would hold but i don't think it'd be a perfect fit for ur cell....if so please show pics!! ^_^

    i use mine to hold cards and some money....it's really cute but first i didn't really know what it's for....!!??!!?? haha
  9. I think it's pretty flat, with no gusset, I don't think a cell would fit, unless it's really flat.
  10. There are some threads about this pouch Tracy.
    Love it, :love: but I believe from what I read it's quite flat. Try a search for pics....iIthink a very thin cell might fit.