Who has the most?

  1. Who has the most tokidoki bags here?
    It would be nice if you listed all the ones you have. :smile:
    Do you have any interesting stories about how you obtained one of the purses?
  2. idk who has the most now...but I know some girls who have tons are dreamsoftoki, lambfashionista, tokiliciousjeny, sempreII, tehlilone, bubblesung....and the list goes on.............hahahahah. IDK there are other people who have alot too, just slipping my mind.
  3. Most people do list how many they have in their signatures~ I'm actually kind of curious as to who has the most, too :yes: Definitely not me :nogood: Though, my collection has grown *considerably* over the summer.
  4. LVixen has a lot too. She's def high in the ranks.
  5. I think other people have more than me :lol: but thanks for thinking of me as one :smile:

    I have 25 btw... I need to list a Notte Bocce and Citta Caramella... there's also the camo olive mamma mia that turns to mamma :smile:
  6. yah, i see some people with AMAZING collections! As for mines, I'm sure I'm at a close last...:smile:.

    I have 17 Bags
    3 Caramella's
    1 Caramellina
    1 Porta
    and 4 Denaro's. I will most likely be downsizing and selling off 2-3 bags and add 2 more (Trasporto & Vacanze)
  7. i get a feeling that the people with the most are the ones who don't list the bags in their sigs
  8. I have 40 plus but half of them are L'Amore! :yahoo:
  9. Impressive!!! :nuts:
  10. ooooh wow.. I am close to last. I just started collectiong tokidoki in the end of May for my bday gift.. I have what my sig says... But I have sold a lot to be able to get more.. Ones I have sold are; OP Bambinone, Inferno Gioco, Inferno Bocce, Pirata Bocce, Pirata BV, Foresta Mamma Mia, Pirata Zucca (gotten 2 of them and kept the one that had better placement), Paradiso Ciao Ciao, Paradiso Bella, 2 Pirata Denaros (got 3 and kept 1), and a L'Amore Denaro... I think that's it.. :shame:
  11. Lols, I don't like listing how many bags I have in my sig because I'm almost embarrassed about how many I have, but I'm definitely not one of the biggest collectors. I think I have over twenty though.
  12. I'm at 59 (60 if you count my pre-order for a vacanze campeggio). I have 17 different campeggios. I can't believe it...
  13. Wow pinkpeony haha I think that's the highest amount I've heard of~ LatteGrl has a huge collection, too... but I haven't seen her posting here in a long time :nogood: I have 20 :p Which is surprising for me, since like... two months ago, I only had 5.
  14. OMG, yeah those are insane numbers. I only have ten and that's good enough for me right now ^__^ All I need is something in Citta and Vacanze then I am done :biggrin:
  15. snapcat I am exactly like you... :roflmfao: I don't want to list them bc I am kind of scared to, and don't want to be reminded about how much $$$ I've spent on them... I do think I have about 20 or so though... although, I just bought a bunch of bags from the sale... so... I dunnos what I'm at now! haha... .