Who has the "Les Pivoines" (Peonies) scarf?

  1. I love this scarf and didn't buy it when I had the chance. I am regretting it every time I think about it. I particularly love the pale pink peonies on white background.

    When will Hermes re-issue this scarf? Does anyone want to part with theirs?:yes:

    Should I buy the pink berries scarf to make myself feel better?
  2. KM, post in the grail thread in the main subforum. You never know what magic will happen!
  3. CobaltBlu - would you direct me to the grail thread? I couldn't find it on my own. Thanks.

    Kim_Mac - beware of eBay for pivoines. I just purchased a fake one like you described. It had the 1978 care tag on it - i guess trying to pass as vintage - but it had the 2005 [?] reissue title script on the scarf. Beware Japandreams7. It is being returned when i wouldn't listen to his bs about get a signed letter from Hermes store.
  4. Hi Kim...I have it in the white colorway and pink and red peonies. Bought for myself for my birthday and love it!!! Got it from the Neiman Marcus in Ft. Lauderdale and Madison avenue had one in white coloeway with blue and green flowers, didn't see any other colors. Good luck, its worth tracking down.
  5. It's on my list to get too. The Bal Harbor store had the XL Mousseline style.
  6. Bond St branch in London have the white version with orange flowers, might be worth giving them a ring?
  7. kim_mac, I have the 2006 issue, below, and the original issue (in the pale pinks with the basket). The 2006 tag for the scarf below says:
    rouge vif/rose cyclamen
    001646s 01

    You can call the 1-800 # today before 4 (I think) est, and ask them to look in their database for 001646s (01 is the colorway) and perhaps they can locate one for you in the US. They are just fabulous, they've been most helpful to me.

    Good luck!

    les pivoines 2006 detail.JPG
  8. That is so nice of you to share the info!^^
  9. Luxury Scarves has it in mousseline under new arrivals.
  10. In Bond St today they had the orange colourway...
  11. Hi Kim_Mac

    I have a contact who said she will sell me an original issue[She's trustworthy]. Will make arrangements if you are interested.
  12. Sorry to bring back old thread, but just wondering, if I'm not mistaken this scarf also comes in large 140cm shawl size right? Do they have many CW for that? Can't find so much info on the shawl....