Who has the Hudson PM or Tulum PM?

  1. Continuing the train of thought started by mas2388's "the perfect shoulder bag" thread...

    I'm starting to think about shoulder bags too, and I'm wondering about the Hudson and the Tulum. They are approximately the same size, but the Tulum is a bit taller. I love the soft shape of the Tulum, and I love the two Koala closures and alcantara on the Hudson.

    For those who have the Hudson PM...is the buckle on the front practical? Are the front pockets useful or more decorative? Is the strap comfortable?

    For those who have the Tulum PM...is it easy to get into and out of? I wasn't sure how the top zip would work out. Do you use the turnlock pocket on the front? Again, how comfortable is the strap? Do you have pics of you wearing it? (I checked the Visual Aids thread but didn't find it).

    For anyone...general comments? What do you love/not love about it? Is the Hudson worth the extra $300?

    I'm also considering the Damier Highbury, but I'n never been all that impressed with this bag in person. Maybe I should save my red alcantara craving for the Duomo...

    TIA! :wlae:
    hudsonpm.jpg tulumpm.jpg
  2. Hello, I have the Tulum PM amd I love it. the shoulder strap is very comfortable. I love the details and how supple the canvas is. The zipper on top is easy access to the main compartment. I really dont use the pocket with the turn locket since the main compartment is a great size. To me this purse has a more laidback feel to it.
  3. I don't own either but but i have heard from purse forum members that the tulum is a great bag, I tried it on in the boutique and fell in love...I want one myself (may get the GM though). Some one also said that the buckle on the hudson maybe be a little annoying to get in and out off...hope this helps!
  4. I have the Hudson :yes:
    U get used to the buckle pretty fast, it's not annoying.
    I usually don't use the front pockets, but you definetly could! I can't fit my phone in there, but they would be great for smaller things like chewing gum etc.
    The strap is comfortable IMO - it could be a bit shorter, but that's just my personal preference :P
  5. Hudson Pm: the strap is very comfortable because it is very wide..(I remove the shoulder pad..it looks silly IMO)
    Buckle; I have no problem at all with the buckle, get the hang of it and can unbuckled it with one hand and sometime you don't need to buckle it.

    I love 2 pockets at the front for easy access incase I need lipgloss,coins,notes etc..

    I tried tulum..it's not flaterring on me..I don't like round style bag on me..

    Try both of them you will know which one the one..
  6. The Hudson seems good for both casual and dressy days while the Tulum seems to be strictly casual with is rounded shape and longer drop length. I hope you get one of the two!!!
  7. Is the Hudson a bit heavy on the shoulder after a while?
  8. That's a really good point - they are very different styles. I'm a casual, laid-back girl 90% of the time, so I might get more mileage out of the Tulum.

    After all your research last week, did you end up getting one of these?
  9. HIPPIECHIC--- we SO have the same taste (Damier Duomo :smile: ).

    I'm so glad you started this thread because I have always liked the Tulum (GM) and I also like the Hudson.

    I want to incorporate more LV shoulder bags in my collection
  10. Once I figure out the answer to the Hudson/Tulum question, I'm going to have to decide between that...and the Duomo.:love: But that's a whole new thread!
  11. I am going to be getting the HUDSON GM and buy a shorter strap. That will be my perfect shoulder bag! HMMMMMM
  12. I prefer the Hudson, you can dress casual or classy IMO
  13. I have the Hudson. I agree about the bucket - not a problem. You can open and close with one hand without looking after the first day.
    The pockets don't hold a cellphone - too small. I put my keys in one pocket and a compact w/mirror in the other. The buckles do add a little weight, but the bag is very soft. I think the LV pictures of the bag make it look stiff and structured, but it's not at all. I'm going to Europe in a couple of weeks and am NOT taking more than one LV with me. After much agonizing I decided to bring the Hudson instead of my other ones. I feel like this bag would improve the overall jet-lagged, wrinkled, & lost look I know I'll be having. At least my purse will look good.