Who has the Gucci Positano???

  1. Hi am really interested in a Gucci Positano, but I want to have an idea first how it really looks like. I have seen quite a few on eBay, but then.. not totally sure if they are authentic, of course.:confused1::confused1::confused1:

    I would really appreciate all you ladies out there who have a Gucci Positano, if you can please post a pic of your Positano.. I would really like to see how the inside looks like... like what color is the lining supposed to be when the outer color is brown, or black, etc...:confused1::confused1::confused1:

    Any info and pics you can provide will be greatly appreciated!!! TIA!!! :smile:
  2. Someone just posted pics with a new Positano a couple of weeks ago...If you search around, she posted some great pics! Good luck...I have never seen it IRL but it looks amazing!

  3. msjenn your limited edition positano is sooooo beautiful!!! i love it! i didn't even know they made that bag! what a shame to call myself a gucci fan...:sad:

    If you're into limited edition bags, they also have the abbey medium shoulder bag in gold GG fabric, and it's only available in Hawaii as well.
  4. oops! corrections on my post...the abbey medium in gold GG fabric is not a limited edition, instead it's Hawaii Exclusive. Sorry.

  5. I love the positano too!! Unfortunately I don't own one but I tried the brown one on at the Gucci store and the lining is brown. Hope this helps!
  6. Thanks Ladies for all your replies. Sorry I wasn't able to reply back.. I have been hang out at the Pregnancy Forum for a while now..;)

    I love the Positano.. it's very classy. I have the bigger size.. it can fit everything there so it's very practical for me. Thanks for sharing your insights on it. I wanted to make sure I got an original one. :tup:
  7. msjenn the mini version is too cute, and i love the scarf!! I WANT ONE!!!!!