Who has the coin purse? Needing a little help here.

  1. Help! Who has the 24 Coin purse (is that the actual name?) and do you like it? Is it worth the bucks? Need pros and cons before I go and make another fool of myself at Hermes.....

    Bought the Clarisse today....the PM. In Violet. Brought it home and it doesn't work for me. So, after my SA scoured the planet for it, I have to exchange it for something else and since the little coin purse was also on my list I'm thinking about that instead.

    What do you guys think?????
  2. ^^ You didn't like the Clarisse? Why not? Do tell!
  3. I love the Le 24 coin purse (this one right? see pic.)--holds a ton of change that I mostly use to run the carousel ride at the mall for DD. I think it's great to have if you need change a lot for meters, parking, etc. but not vital if you have a change compartment already. I plan on bringing mine overseas for foreign currency. It's a pricey little item--around $340; do you have a Karo PM already? I'd suggest that as an alternative to the Clarisse.
  4. ^^i agree about the Karo PM. i don't really like the clarisse. it didn't work out 4 me.
  5. What about the Clarisse GM?


  6. how much is the clarisse?? i like how it's flat.
  7. Ok....thanks guys. I think it's going to be the Karo PM and the coin purse OR the credit card wallet. Clarisse was just a little too small for everything I was planning on stuffing in there.......
  8. S'mom, I have the little coin purse (don't know the name but it's the same one that orchids has above). I find it useful but in retrospect think it is pricey.
  9. yuppers, shopmom!
    I have the zip around coin purse.
    Its in my latest photo actually!(see plisse thread)
    It is Hermes orange.
    It has two compartments when open-
    could be one for pennies, one for silver
    I never never use it.
    (duh with all these accessory purchases, i could have had my birkin ages ago, as bagg and HG gently pointed out to me!)
    fyi, what works beautifully for me tho,
    is the azap zip thing (the children call it a dollar holder- it looks like a pencil case) as a wallet! i know weird but it works!
    i keep a mini judith leiber change purse (from my bag) in there.
    i do not have lots of paper money
    i do not have lots of ccs, so it odes the trick for me!
  10. I was looking at the coin purses the other day. Have you seen the double -sided one? The same fastener on each side, a back to back coin purse. The one I saw had different colour leather on each side AND one of the buttons was silver and the other gold - handy for swopping between different hardware bags. It was cute but DH was at my side muttering abut the cost of the leather accessories; need to go when I'm by myself!
  11. What about, er, I think it's called the Bastia coin purse? I think I remember someone saying that it was a bit less expensive, and it has a lovely design! Here's a pic someone posted (w/a card case, if anyone knows how much that is too!)
    card and coin case.JPG
  12. I was thinking of getting the Clarisse GM, for all the little things that swim about in my bags! Maybe that would be a better size for you? the PM is tiny.....
  13. The Clarisse GM looks lovely, reminds me of a LV Cles, but much nicer of course :yes: Anyone know the dimensions? Does a credit card fit in the PM?
  14. Clarisse GM dimensions: 7 x 4.5 in
  15. I love the Clarisse GM. Simple, clean and effective