Who has the Chanel filigree vanity case?

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  1. I tried on the medium the other day and surprisingly loved it! Initially thought it was too square. Would love to hear from those the functionality of it. Currently debating between this or the Chanel mini urban spirit backpack, but I have a lot of crossbody bags.
  2. I had the medium in black and recently sold it. I loved the look of it, but didn't love the chain length because it was too short to wear crossbody, and I hated getting in and out of it. I also didn't think it held very much (and I don't carry a lot), and the double compartments further cut down on how much I could fit.
  3. Interesting, I heard it can hold a lot. But so pricey for the annoying zippers. Not sure if it’s worth it. Thanks for the feedback!
  4. I love mine in medium. It holds my essentials perfectly. I don't use the middle zip compartment though (don't know what i can keep there). I don't fancy crossbody and the chain length is just perfect for side sling (i'd say among all my bags, this VC sits best on me. My ht is 161cm). And i don't bother to zip all the way up to the top. Just stop the zippers at the top edges.

    It has a slight girliness to this bag and yet appropriate for corporate days.
  5. Is it worth it? What color do you have? I like bags I can use for work and weekends.
  6. I love mine in the medium as well. And I feel like it holds a ton, at least everything I need :smile: A LOT more than my mini flap bag. It's very functional bag. I can wear it crossbody (I'm only 5'0), on the shoulder or carry it top handle. I think it can pull off casual or business formal. Zipper was fine for me as well. I find it very secure even if I get too lazy to zip it up all the way. I have the beige and black.
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  7. I have one in medium and it fits a ton! The chain length is perfect on me. I can use it by the shoulder and crossbody as well. Mine is with silver zipper so it was a bit difficult to zip and unzip but it gets better over time. I’m standing at 1.58m :smile:
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  8. I have is beige medium and love it so much . Fit way more than mini flap and dressier . The chain length doesn’t bother me .
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  9. Do you have any mod shots?
  10. Mine is the Blue/Black.

    I personally love this bag a lot (a different kind of love compared to classic flap), especially it is in my fav color. Works for me so I’d say it’s worth it.

    Something for you to note is that due to the design of the bag with a divider, you need to play around on slotting your items in the bag. I doubt a long wallet fits ( I think, as i only carry SLGs).
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  11. One of my favorites!

    Attached Files:

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  12. I absolutely love and wore my Chanel Medium Vanity Case in Black Caviar to death! The drop length hits my hips crossbody perfectly (I’m 1.6m). It’s a chic statement piece against your outfit and it certainly holds a lot! (:

    These are some of my essentials as shown in the pictures and it’s not even full capacity yet! It consist of iPhone 8, Chanel XL Cardholder, Tissue Pack, Mint, LV Mini Pochette. It definitely holds more than the Chanel Classic Medium Flap Bag.

    It has been over a year now and the bag still looks like the first day I purchased it. No regrets! (:

    30373FFF-0F78-4372-BAB9-0E5BA1746E99.jpeg E28EB383-07B6-49A1-8F8F-AEE3254E289D.jpeg
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  13. I’ve been looking for the green metallic mermaid one! I missed out on it last yearz
  14. Do you have a pic of it? I’m thinking of getting beige, my SA only has the blue and black. A different love from the classic flap? I think we all love classic flaps as HG but always use other bags more due to unique designs
  15. Thank you for the pics! I actually tried on the black one and love it, but I feel I have too many black bags...
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