who has the cerise pochette??

  1. help please
  2. I have one; give me an hour or so; I have to make lunch for the kids. ;)
  3. Post this in the authenticate thread....they will help you there :smile:
  4. I did post there and NO ONE answered.
  5. Go back and check; I just posted. :smile:
  6. any answer from the pros?

  7. I believed John 5 already answered you yesterday in the Authenticated thread! you just have to look there!
  8. hi, he answered me about a speedy, this is for a pochette. :smile:
  9. the date code is in the auction (VI0015) but the more I think about it and try and get an answer to it's authenticity the more I don't want the bag. I am totally sketchy about buying stuff like this off eBay to begin with. The seller is super nice and said money back if not real, even joked that he'd give me the pink slip to his BMW but I still have this nagging feeling in the back of my mind. SO I have decided to pass on it. I'm sure I'll kick myself later but I just can't bear to part with our hard earned money to play russian roulette with "is it real or a fake bag?".
  10. so I guess from now on, it's full retail price for me!