Who has the Bleecker Shopper?

  1. And do you love it? Is it really heavy? Specifically the leather one.

    Do tell! :smile:
  2. i am thinking about this bag, i saw it yesterday and it is way cute!!!! Much larger than I thought ( i love large bags), if you get it, be sure to post pics!!! oh, what color would you get?
  3. Well, I'm trying to talk myself out of it because I have NO business buying myself a new bag when I haven't started Christmas shopping and I've bought way too many Coach bags this year, but.....

    this PCE card is burning a hole in my pocket and the British Tan leather shopper is calling my name!
  4. I had it but I returned it due to low funds this month. It is smokin' hot and not heavy at all, at least compared to my Legacy Ali bag that I had been carrying. I loved the tatersall lining and it looked great on my arm... (sigh)....

  5. I ordered it with my PCE card and can't wait to get it! I saw it IRL and it's gorgeous. I don't consider it that heavy since I'm used to carrying my leather Mandy.
  6. I recently bought my coal leather Bleeker shopper, & totally love it for the many practical compartments, which makes everything an easy reach. No; it's not heavy. And I carry LOTS of heavy stuff.
  7. I think this bag is gorgeous.and katie if you ever want too part with that ergo leather turquoise bag let me know lolI sooooo want that bag and should have bought it when it came out instead i bought the sig perforated hamptons satchel in camel;)
  8. I got this bag when I returned the Miranda. No regrets switching bags at all.
    The leather is so supple and it carries well either in your hand, the crook of your arm or finally up on your shoulder when you have loads of other shopping bags to get home!!!!
  9. AAAAAHHHHH You must stop!!! This is the ONE bag I was considering for PCE & up until I saw this post I thought I'd talked myself out of it!!!!
  10. I haven't used my Black leather shopper yet, but when I put my items in it it wasn't too heavy!
  11. Is it comfortable to wear over the shoulder? How's the drop length? Does it slip?
  12. I got this bag and the drop is great for shoulder wear. Its about nine inches and fits on the shoulder nicely. I posted a thread here when I bought it so you might be able to find it if you do a search. I went for the black leather because I wanted Felicia in tan.
  13. I just returned my Bleeker Shopper (khaki/coal) today. Just too big and boxy for me, and I love most of the bigger bags.

    They really are beautiful, so if you love it that's what is important.
  14. I have BT, and I luv it!!!! So classy to me...gr8 w/casual gear, and even nice wotha biz suit....just overall nice bag..........
  15. Its such a great looking bag and if I had the funds for it, I would be all over it. Sadly that price tag is too big for my budget!