Who has the BEST body in HOLLYWOOD?

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  1. So many to choose from! Alba, Heigl, Jolie, Aniston...ect, ect.. Choose your best pick and share it here!

    For me, best body goes to Jessica Biel :tup:
  2. biel has really broad shoulders which i dont like
  3. Kim Kardashian
  4. I would have to go with Britney's body pre kids, although it look as if those abs are making a comeback!!
  5. Jessica Alba is gorgeous.
  6. another vote for Jessica Biel! :tup:

  7. Jessica Alba
    Jennifer Aniston
    Jennifer Lopez
    Ciara (not "Hollywood" really, but her body is ridiculous).
  8. Nicolette Sheridan
  9. Megan Fox has my vote! So gorgeous!
  10. Britney in her prime
    Jessica Biel...although she's so masculaine that I think she should dress more feminine to offset it.
  11. Most of them are too skinny.
  12. Another two votes for Jessica Biel and Megan Fox.

    I always thought Jessica Alba was so overrated.
  13. britney spears and kim kardashian.
  14. J. lo
  15. oooh Halle Berry vote here

    amazing bod!