Who has the Annie??????????

  1. Do you love it and why??????????????

    Just wondering as someone was going to look for one in the upcoming sale. Sorry, can't remember who (old age, I guess!)
  2. I'm looking for one in the sales ;) Flyvetjo has one and it's lovely :yes:
  3. Do you think they are too young for a 48 yr old??? I just love the casual look of the bag. I never ever wear dresses or skirts, so the look would be great for me. I am so undecided on something in oak.... I also like the Phoebe!

    Sorry I couldn't remember - how rude of me..
  4. jo has one!!!
  5. Its an oak one she has and its lovely!!:heart:
  6. me me me me!!!!!!! gotta put kids to bed- back in a mo!!!
  7. here's a modelling pic of me and my Annie


    I do love it. love oak darwin, love the shape and the 'ball closure- easy to use one-handed. decent size (medium sized bag really) so can fit all my essentials without the urge to fill it and make it really heavy. front pockets are useful- big enough for my mobile phone/ train tickets and bits that i might want to get to quickly.
    Fits easily on the shoulder but also looks good hand held or on your arm so very versatile in the way it can be carried. erm what else -- i just love it. but i do baby it something rotten and almost died when in London shopping one day and it started tipping it down with rain. Fortunately i'd sprayed it with collonil and we both survived the ordeal unscathed!
  8. I never rated the Annie at all until I saw Jo's modelling pics. I just didn't think it looked that great in a photo but when it's being carried? :heart::love: Gorgeous.

    Jo - has the ball closure scratched at all?
  9. Can't believe how efficient you are at putting kids to bed.I have three and only baby goes down easily. That was done in less than 15mins!!!!:woohoo::woohoo::woohoo:
  10. I have a black Annie. I fell in love with this bag when I visited the Knightsbridge store in London.It fits perfectly on my shoulder and its not too deep so I can easily find everything.The shape is so stylish.Go for it.
  11. Thanks !! Love it and will look at the sales online!!

  12. No the ball bit hasn't scratched but then as i said i do baby my mulberries!!!! I think it looks quite roxanne like when carried due to the two pockets but is an easier shape to carry!
  13. Well it helps that my 3 boys share a room and a story then we sing jingle bells/ twinkle twinkle and light gets turned out!!! Got it down to a fine art!:graucho:
  14. I do have a soft spot for the Annie, and Jo it does look great in your modelling pics :tup:

    Shhh, don't tell anyone - especially the husband - but I might be looking for a chocolate one in the sales :shame:

  15. Hahaha!!! Need any help enabling??:heart: