Who has switched from summer to fall handbags yet?

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  1. I just switched to my patent black Prada handbag from my denim Chanel. I'm in the process of transferring the contents of my denim Chanel wallet to my MJ ursula.

    Who else has switched?
  2. Well, I put away my straw and white leather bags (I didn't even get to use either that much since I got them at the end of the season)...I just got a beautiful new Coach tote that will take me to winter (with gorgeous chocolate brown) and of course I have my Speedy which is good for any time of year.
  3. It is still hot and humid here in Houston lol:P but I have been carrying my dark brown spy and my new black spy lately. I guess I miss carrying them :lol: . My white Prada bag and white tote Gaucho Dior have been untouched for a while:Push: . Maybe I am ready for the FALL to come.:yes:
  4. My white MC LV lodge is put away because we already have November weather and I don't want to ruin her. But I do wear on nice winter days, too. All my other bags are all year round.
  5. Not quite yet. I'm still using my Blue jeans Evelyne which will also be coming out for use in winter with chocolate brown coat. Soon Edith Loaf(Whiskey) will make her maiden voyage:yes:
  6. Most of my bags I can use all-year. As long as it matches the outfit, I don't care about hte no white after Labor Day rules and such.
  7. I haven't yet..I think I will in about 2 weeks. I have some Fall bags already from previous years but I'm planning on getting a new bag. hmm...
  8. I don't have handbags that correlate to particular season. I actually change my bag about 5 times a week.
  9. I have started wearing brown and black bags.
  10. I am dying to use my brand-new Jimmy Choo Ramona in bordeaux patent leather, but I think its still too hot here in D.C. Probably another week or two...
  11. I live in L.A. We have 2 seasons here, wet and dry. Otherwise the sun is always out! I switch my bags around purely based on what I'm wearing that day. So all my bags get used year round.
  12. ^^
    Same here. I never really understood the need to switch bags for the season especially with all-leather bags.
  13. Yes my forest green large boston is out and about and get lots of nice compliments like, " What a nice handbag...". Glad that people recognize what a beauty it is... sweettt...
  14. I make sure when I buy bags: they are for year round use. I will agree that all my straw and white bags are in storage now.
  15. i'm still searching for the 'perfect' fall/winter handbag... :girlsigh:

    most of my bags i use all year round though...