Who has Sky Blue B bag?

  1. Hi every one, who has the Sky Blue B bag and please let me know if you like it. I am not sure about mine. Thanks:wtf:
  2. you're not sure about what?
    Not sure if you like it?
  3. I am not sure about the color because there is suppose to be a Blue/Grey coming out soon and i don't know if i should buy another blue color.
  4. I have a Sky Blue Twiggy and I think it's a very pretty colour. It has faded a bit from the original colour and indoors the leather looks a different (welcome to Balenciagas - just gotta learn to love it!) blue. She is in excellent condition though and I love the smoooshy leather, she's quite distressed and just flops. It's wonderful.

    I guess it depends on your wardrobe and how accomodating it is to the Sky Blue.

    If you decide you don't love her, thankfully you should be able to recover most of what you spent on her.

    I wish you well,

  5. Thank you Bridget. Mine is still in excellent condition and the color has not faded at all. I am just thinking may be i can use another color more often. I also have the Purse bag in INK color and i love it. Thanks for your reply and any suggesstions will help.
  6. i had a sky blue day and i totally absolutely loved it when i had it. the leather was so smooshy.