who has seen the <maple> color IRL?

  1. Is the maple color a lighter tan (#1 & #2) with yellow/camel undertones, or is it more of a darker tan (#3 & #4) with orangey undertones?

    TIA :smile: I'm thinking about getting the Mercer Peet bag in Maple, but I definitely prefer the lighter shade.

    #1 MAPLE on Saks

    #2 MAPLE on Diabro

    #3 MAPLE on Shopbop
    Maple on Saks.jpg Maple on Diabro.jpg Maple on Shopbop.JPG
  2. Here's another pic I found showing it darker...

    #4 MAPLE on Nordstrom
    Maple on Nordstrom.jpg
  3. the color in the diabro pic is the most accurate. it might be a bit darker than that. the darker pics of maple makes it look more like chestnut, which is the darker version of maple and also one of the new colors for spring.
  4. ^^^Oh good! Thank you tadpole for your response. :flowers: Have you seen the Peet bag in maple, by chance?
  5. i would say it looks more like #3 and #4, hmm have you by any chance seen the stam in saddle brown? thats what the color reminded me of
  6. Oh boy, now I'm confused :confused1::confused1::confused1:
  7. To be perfectly frank, I'm also considering this Miu Miu tote. :shocked: I *think* I prefer the style of the MJ, but I don't want it if its too dark...

    Miu Miu tote.jpg
  8. Here are closeups of the maple Peet from Saks


    Saks closeup1.JPG Saks closeup2.JPG
  9. Wow... I'm starting to fall in love with the Peet!!!

    And that Miu Miu looks really good too, Cosmo! Too much temptation!! :push:
  10. i have this bag in smoke grey. :shame: i cannot tell you how much i love it.
  11. ^^^Lol, you've got the Miu Miu tadpole? That's too funny. Great minds think alike, hehe. Do you have a piccie you can post? Or would that be sacrilige in the MJ subforum?:p

    So in the tan versions, which do you prefer?