who has patchwork denim in hand

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  1. i love the patchwork so much , where can i buy it with discount ?
  2. LV doesn't discount but you may find it on eBay, used, under retail.
  3. do you have it ? can you show me photos ?
  4. i have been looking for one too. many on eBay are fakes or being sold over retail. :sad:
  5. yes , eBay is not only fake but also amazing price
  6. check out the clubhouse section for the patchwork club pretty much all of them are in there
  7. No such thing as LV with a discount. Unless you work for the company.
  8. There were a few patchworks at my LV store I saw during the trunk show last night....the blue pouchy, the bowly, and the cabby, as well as the 2 white canvas polka dot bags and the patchwork shoes.....so they are still out there !! I even saw that elusive Corsaire runway bag !!!!!
  9. Dont think its going to happen, try let-trade.com
  10. i know that site , :tdown: , coz my friend bought one lv and know what it's , i used to buy replica , the nice quality but charge much less !

    Deleted all of the replica info, and untrue statements.
  11. Let-trade does not sell fakes. Wow. Slander much?
  12. my friend bought M95049 , and the hardware turn off
  13. ???? Let-Trade does NOT sell fakes.
  14. I think you need to do some homework, not only do they NOT sell fakes, there are MANY members here that have purchased from them and they are also members here...

    Given that you have bought replica's knowingly i'm sure we can close this thread ....:cursing:
  15. ^^ Whats this .. Do you not know the name of the bag you bought...? Guess not :tdown:
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