who has new chain?

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  1. How many of you gals already have a bag with the new chain? do you like it?

    I have a red lambskin with new chain and am in the middle of buying a black one with the new chain.

    isnt the price increasing to $2150.00 for the M lambskin with new chain?

    *similiar question was asked in the new chain vs. old chain thread, however I would like to know how many of us ACTUALLY have a bag with new chain..does it have staying power??*
  2. I actually bought medium black with new chain and sent it back this morning. It was not for me at all. I think new chain makes the bag a little trendy and appeals young people more.
  3. ^oh really...how much did you pay for it?

    I like that new chain is more trendy..im 24.
  4. what does the new chain look like?
  5. It's just chain. It doesn't have the leather strap that intertwines between the chain anymore IIRC.
  6. so should I get the black lambskin flap with new chain.....?????

    ( how much is it selling for?)
  7. I tried on the new chain and I think it looks like a bike chain, its way too shiny. I dont like it.
  8. I'm on the list for the red jumbo caviar with the new chain. Hopefully I will like it, but I do love the leather interwoven through the handles, it's chicly Chanel! I don't know if it's a question of young or not (I'm 25), but just personal preference. :smile:

  9. oh I love it, its gorgeous.
    do a search here and you can find some pics :smile:
  10. i don't know why .. but i don't like the new chain .. i feel it's not CHANEL ... far awaaaay from CHANEL :sad:
  11. i just purchased the cream lambskin medium classic w/the new chain, and i'm going to return it. i preferred the traditional chain to the new, but it sort of grew on me, especially with this color. now that i've tried it on at home, i'm finding that i don't really like the look or the feel of the chain. maybe if i had the red, i would keep it. that color is absolutely gorgeous!
  12. mccupcake- how much did you buy it for?
  13. would you please post a pics.. i would like to see the color .. it's seems lovely :heart:
  14. i just got a red caviar with new chain and i LOVE it. also on the waiting list for the red jumbo with new chain =]
  15. what size did you get? i ordered the e/w red caviar today, should be here friday, very curious about how the red and the new chain look IRL!!