Who has Mulberries in their closet that don't get used???

  1. Just that really!!! i'm going to be more confident about using my bags since Chaz's great thread with the collonil.:wlae:
  2. Me! I am reluctant to use my oak Bayswater because it's 'too nice' and I don't want to spoil it. Crazy or what? :shrugs:
  3. I'm exactly the same. My annie has only had a few outings for that very reason. Frustrates hell out of my Dh. I'm hoping I'll baby my bayswater a bit less because it's choco and already has a few scratches on it from the outlet so i don't have the agony of getting that first scratch!:sweatdrop:
  4. The crazy thing is my Bays is from the outlet too. It's in excellent condition, though there are a couple of marks. So, it's not exactly pristine. I wanted one for ages and now I don't use it :s
  5. Get those bags out girls and start using them! Mulberry bags are supposed to be used and to show it by ageing gently. That's the beauty of them. I use my bags all the time - just rotate which one - and they are all still looking great. Just make sure you treat them with some leather nourisher every few weeks and they will age gracefully.

  6. Think we need someone ( Chaz??) to tell us how great the bags look once they've been used and battered a bit then maybe we'll be brave enough to use them as everyday bags!!!
  7. Oooh I've never used leather nourisher. I just use Collonil. Is this a special product from Mulberry?

  8. Oh SJ came and talked sense as usual!!! Can you use leather nourisher on the darwin though????
  9. Hello!!! Heard my name!! Yep!!! My Elgin get used more than any of the others,its been colliniled to the point of drowning and then drowned and is totally fine, the collinil seems to help stop minor scuffs and scratches too.Its color has only changed from its natural ageing. I spoke to a lady called Andrea from Mulberry and she says to use up to a third of a tin on each bag,the color won't change and it will only darken naturally as time passes.

    I can absolutely guarantee the effectiveness of the waterproofing,and for everday use with small scuffs and scratches I can absolutely guarantee that too!!xxxx:tup:

    Nourisher is for glove leather and collinil is for darwin.
  10. Bless ya Chaz! You bring hope to all of us nervous Mulberry owners :tup:
  11. Chaz- did she say how often to spray the bags???
  12. Honestly it really works!!! The lady I spoke to is the general manager of the outlets too,and she said collinil is the best and only thing they recommend for Mulberry bags.Its also interesting to know that Selfridges have now stopped taking water damaged bags back as you are advised to use collinil and instructed on how to use it too.
  13. TBH I'm not surprised they won't take them back - there are clear instructions on the care card and I've been advised to keep my Darwin bags out of heavy rain by an SA.
  14. Think I am totally weird actually. I'd love 2 of all my Mulberry bags- one to use, and one to sit pristine in my cupboard as a 'back-up' !!!!
  15. Every couple of months, I have not yet reached the month mark since I drowned the Elgin,so I'm waiting a bit longer before I spray it again,just to see if two months is viable with an oak colored bag.I think it will be just as she says,as me and the Elgin got a proper drenching the other day,and apart from a little rain that got in the top where its open it was totally fine...............I was bloody soaked through though!!

    She did recommend that you spray the bag till the collinil is literally running off. Which is pretty much what I did with the Elgin,not quite running off but about 3/4 really thick coats,which if I had done all in one go would have been running off. She says once the spray is dry there should be no color change.