who has more class paris or nicole?

  1. I think nicole grew up a lot since she cleaned up from rehab, more style and class eventhough now ahe can stand to gain a few pounds.........doing a lot better than paris in my opinion what do you think?
  2. Nicole, definitely.
  3. Nicole
  4. Definitely Nicole. She's pretty but in a very aloof sort of way. She's not quite the camera whore either.
  5. Nicole. :heart:
  6. Nicole for Sure!!
  7. Nicole!
  8. Nicole, all the way!!:heart:
  9. Nicole for sure.
  10. nicole, for sure. if only she'd gain a few pounds....
  11. Nicole, hands down!
  12. I almost want to say Paris since I'm a sucker for an underdog, but nah, my vote's for Nicole. ;)
  13. yups gots ta go with the majority - definitely nicole!
  14. Nicole.
  15. nicole...definitely nicole! 1000%
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