Who has more Chanel Handbags? Mischa Barton or Rachel Bilson?


Who has more Chanel Handbags? Rachel Bilson or Mischa Barton?

  1. Rachel Bilson!

  2. Mischa Barton!

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  1. What do you think guys? Who has more Chanel Handbags??? Post some pics of these two actresses if you wanted to. :biggrin:
  2. mischa barton, hands down!
    Rachel has a luxe bowler, a red expandle flap, a black mademoiselle clutch, a white caviar clutch, and a black cabas and a cloudy ligne vintage tote. I think that's about it...at least from the pics i have seen.

    Mischa, on the other hand, has like a billion! she has a pink heart chain flap that is absolutely TDF, a mint green classic flap, a violet classic flap, the luxe bowler, the patchwork flap, a tweed flap, cambon pochette, black reissue, pink classic bowler and others that you can see here http://forum.purseblog.com/chanel-reference-library/celebs-w-chanel-bags-everywhere-no-chatting-please-12995-4.html (post number 52)
  3. mischa is the queen! and i think the princess would be Miss Lohan or Miss Duff. Has anyone seen Hilary's show on MTV? She has a different Chanel in each scene.
  4. def. mischa, BUT i love rachel's collection more than mischa. if i have to choose between them.
  5. I'm just wondering how many Chanel Handbags does Mischa has and what kinds are they?? I'm really in love with her handbag collection...
  6. but u get more with michas colelciton :biggrin: she prob has one of what rachel has...micha started it all pretty much..
  7. I like Mischa's collection. She wears her Chanels well.
  8. I think lindesy lohan :yes:
  9. Definitely Misha, no contest!
  10. mischa has such an amazing collection, but so does rachel. ahhh! their pictures make the bags look great too! (not that they don't look great on their own!)
  11. mischa or LiLo then?
    i think Lindsay has quite a lot too?
  12. Mischa.
    She probably has one of every color lmao
  13. I believe Mischa~
  14. Probably Mischa. It's almost absurd but it would be hard to beat one to death when you can alternate among so many. Lucky her!
  15. actually, it may be our Jill!!! :wlae: :heart: