Who has Juicy Couture Velour Track Pants?

  1. If you own a pair of these pants, do you wash and dry them? If so, do they shrink? Or, do you have them dry cleaned? Thanks guys!! :biggrin:
  2. i wash and dry mine, but mine are usually too long so i want them to shrink a little...they do shrink length wise but not too much at the waist
  3. My daughter has them. I wash them and dry them. They do shrink a little in length as stated above but come out pretty nice. You could have them dry cleaned I suppose.....
  4. I wash them in cold and lay flat to dry. When they are completely dry I toss them in the dryer on cool air to smooth out the velour. The heat of the dryer will not only shrink them it could cause the color to fade.
  5. Iv'e washed and dried mine a lot and they are fine. They do shrink in length a little but I need them too.
  6. I also wash and dry my Juicy. They shrink a bit but I'm not that tall so I do need them to shrink :amuse:
  7. I wash and dry them. In length, they do shrink a bit.
  8. I wash and dry mine also.. they do shrink a little, which is a problem for me, but I find that the style with the back pocket flaps (cargo maybe? can't remember what it's called) are slightly longer...
  9. Well, for anyone whose interested, I just washed and dried them. They did shrink a tiny bit in length. I would say maybe just about a half inch. However, I am only 5'2" and have a 28" inseam. The pants I bought were a 34" inseam!!! I had to have them hemmed 3", then shrink them on top of that!!! But now they are perfect......oh, no, I can NEVER wash them again!!!! ha ha ha
  10. I've never heard of dry cleaning JC pants! I have always thrown them into the washer & dryer just like any other machine washable clothes. I haven't noticed any shrinking but I DO need to get them hemmed an inch or so regardless! :smile:
  11. i wash them and dry them in the machine with no problem :biggrin:!
  12. i have them. i wash and dry them. mine didn't shrink at all.
  13. I use the gentle cycle in the washer and put them in "air fluff" in the dryer then let them hang-to-dry for the rest of the day. I can't afford dry cleaning them.
  14. Wash and dry mine, not too much shrinkage
  15. I wash them, but I don't dry them. I leave them hanging to dry themselves