Who Has It Better ?

  1. Who has it better? You, your parents, or your children?
  2. Depends on your definition of "better." That's a very personal viewpoint. For some it's money, for some it's love, for some it's happiness, health, whatever.

    That being said: I haven't a clue!:shrugs:
  3. Ummmmm I think my sister and I do! Well, perhaps my mom does too... ummm tough decision
  4. Me.
  5. I think my children will have it better..
  6. My children and I {us}, and I hope to continue that legacy and hopefully my grandchildren will have it even better!
  7. My parents do... well maybe my brother and I do too. It really depends on how you look at it.
  8. I think growing up, my brother, sister and I had a better life than my children and my parents :yes: .

    My children have everything (within reason), they could possible want, they have toys, they have bikes, they have lovely clothes, and they have a lovely home to live in, BUT, they have no freedom whatsoever. Gone are the days when children can freely go out and play with their friends. Peodaphiles, murderers, child rapists, and generally sick people,:censor: have meant that my childrens generation are prisoners in ivory towers.

    Take these school holidays, 7 weeks worth, and they do not go outside without me, sure they go to the park, the cinema, ball pits, and out for dinner, but it is always with us. They have never experienced the thrill of riding through woods on their bikes, the joy of being able to shout to me, "im off out mum, see you tonite", or even picking blackberries (all of the things that I did daily in my childhood), because it is not safe for them, and we need to know where they are the entire time :sad:

    I am not being overdramatic here either, very few people let children under teenage years out alone, and we are in Surrey for goodness sake, its a nice area :Push: .

    As a kid, we had to save for alot of things, but we all had bikes and we all had the park, open space woodland to explore, we had freedom, and its a gift we cannot give freely to our own children.

    I wish my children could have grown up then, it was much more exciting times. Now they have to live it through us or a playstation game. It sucks, big time :sad:
  9. Parents.

    They had a life where families come home and spend time together and not have the kids glued to their XBOX or online or what not.

    They had a life where all the comforts technology brings weren't abused like now.

    I can go on and on but they have it better.

    My children (if I do have any) will have it the worst. They will be dependent on technology so much more than we are now. They will have to face the consequences of global warming to the fullest (more or less). I don't feel that I can protect them from the dangers of the world today and in the future. I would feel better equipped to do that if I was living in my parents' era or earlier.
  10. I don´t have children yet but I definitely have it better than my mother. She gave me everything even though she herself had much of nothing.
  11. I don't have any children yet but I know that overall, I had it better than my parents; therefore I think my kids will have it better than I do when the time comes
  12. def. my brother... it shows since we were kids LOL