Who has Hermes Flatware

  1. we have been talking China...but what about Hermes flatwear?

    pics? thoughts? opinions?
  2. What's 'flatwear' Guccigal? (please excuse my ignorance, lol)
  3. forks, knives, etc

  4. Thanks guccigal, aww, I can't join in, don't have any, although I nearly bought a hoof-pick the other day, would that count, lol?
  5. I can't join either. I have none. not even a hoof-pick
  6. I didn't know they made flatware-what's it look like???????
  7. does anyone have pics?
    i didnt know they made cutlery.
  8. Is their flatware sterling? I'm looking for flatware right now, but have been leaning towards Tiffany Audubon for years...probably will register for that.
  9. Hermes owns Puiforcat.


  10. GucciGal, I am not opening any more of your threads--they are too dangerous!! :p

    Now I'm going to have to get some of these tea spoons, to use with the Siesta tea cups I'm dreaming about after reading your china thread, lol
    (from the Puiforcat web site)
  11. I know my H obsession is reaching new heights when I start drooling over a spoon! *lol* ;) But I love that pretty twist effect. Tangle, I agree, it'd be a great addition to the china set. :smile: If I start buying items such as this, I'll never achieve my dream bag. ;)
  12. oh I love that spoon. i want that spoon. I can't live without that spoon. my other spoons are NO GOOD!

    okay seriously. love it....to go with my Siesta tea cups I am picking up this week. SHOOT
  13. Oooh just remembered, I do have a piece of flatware - I have a silver napkin holder - it's in the shape of a 'chain d'ancre' - they do a similar one as a bottle opener too. I don't use it for my napkin - I use it as a (very heavy) pendant, it looks very striking and always gets gets comments - I say striking guardedly - you can't run for a bus wearing it or you'll lose your teeth, lol. There's a pic of me with it strung on a twilly somewhere, I'll try and find it.
  14. Here it is, my napkin ring worn as a pendant, I'm using a twilly but it looks best (imo) with an Hermes leather strap. It was good value - about 99 pounds, what's that, about 200 dollars, I'm sure it would have been a lot more as a pendant, lol: