Who has had repairs done? If sent in with dustbag did you get it back?

  1. First off, yes I have OCD (obsessive compulsive disoder) when it comes to having a dustbag for all my bags and keeping everythign immaculate.

    I forgot to remove my super clean spotless dustbag before sending my bag in for repairs so it was sent in in the dustbag. (it wasnt marked on my reciept that under removable accessoriy that theres a dustbag) For those of you who have sent in your bag with a dust bag did it come back in a dustbag? Its being sent directly to my house after repairs. I'm worried the dustbag will be sent back dirty or worse yet... without it. I dont know why things like this bother me. I'm kicking myself now for not removing the dustbag before sending it in.
  2. IF it comes back without it, go to your store and request a new dust bag. if they dont want to give you one, i'll call my SA for you bc im also OCD ont he dust bag thing. and she has replaced manyy for me
  3. It should come back in a dustbag...when my wallet was sent for repairs, my SA didn't take my dustbag. The wallet came back in a brand new dust bag and I was allowed to keep it :heart:
  4. Thank you so much for your kind offer. It is very very kind of you. :flowers:
  5. Karman. - wheew. thanks. Im just so insistant on my dustbag giving me that confident "I'm clean" feel that I just have this paranoia it'll come back without it or dirty as I imagine the repair place isnt exactly immaculate and I like to feel comfortable putting my stuff on my bed and when I dont know where its been and it shows signs of dirt it'll gross me out... I'm nuts!
  6. I'm sure you will get your dustbag back (or a new one haha)
  7. This is exactly what happened to me!
  8. i am very sure you will get the dust bag with the repair which comes back... if not.. you can always get one from the store :smile:
  9. I keep ahold of my dustbag, they always seem to misplace it! Such a pain!
  10. I brought my Dust bag in with my bag to get repaired. They would not take it.
  11. I have never sent one of my bags back with a dust bag. If you feel that you need to keep it covered, I would use something else. But since you sent it out, you should get it back. And if not, then go right back to the store where you dropped it off and they should give you another one. Good luck!
  12. I have had a bag repaired and it came back without the dustbag I dropped it off to the boutique in. I have many, so I wasn't to worried. I'm sure your boutique will replace it if it disappears.
  13. That was the same experience I had -- they sent me home without it. When I went to pick-up my bag, I brought it with me and they put it in the dustbag and then into a LV shopping bag (although I also made an additional purchase so I don't know if they would've put the repaired back into a LV shopping bag had I not made the new purchase).
  14. don't worry, i'm major OCD as well. on both occassions where i've taken something in to repair, i got new dust bags when i went to pick up my bags. so they usually will give you something new to replace the old one or give it to you in addition to the old one.