who has had chipping on jungle or chain (bay) pieces?

let us know which chipping issues you have experienced

  • yes i have had chipping on my chain (bay ) piece

  • no, i own the chain ( bay ) piece and no problems so far

  • yes i have had chipping on my jungle ( palm dots ) piece

  • no, i own a jungle (palm dots) piece but no problems so far

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Mar 9, 2008
hi all, i have been reading about some issues with chipping on the new chain (bay) and jungle pieces. i had actually ordered the chain speedy but returned it because i didn't want to risk it. i did however keep my palm speedy and neverfull, with the thought that the chips would not be as apparent due to the more abstract nature of the print. i was hoping we could have a poll to see just how prevalent this problem is. thanks for your input and please feel free to elaborate in your posts.


May 28, 2013
I have the jungle print toiletry pouch and it is fine. I don't see any chipping on the corners. But, I haven't used it yet. So if it does chip, then I will exchange it for the monogram.