Who has got an ALMA bag ?

  1. Bonsoir, I red in some threads of this forum that ALMA is a bag for old ladies. I don't think so. If you have one (mono, epi, MC...) why did you buy it ?
  2. I think some people confuse "old lady" with classic.I love to see a young stylish girl with a lovely Alma.In Europe, I have seen old almas on young girls and think it looks wonderful.
  3. I forgot to mention that yes,I have a monogram alma.
  4. I have MC Alma and LOVE it!!! I use it in the summer ALL the time! Holds a ton and I LOVE the shape!
  5. I love the Alma and to be quite honest, I like it much better than the Speedy. I don't have one yet, but i definitely wouldn't mind having one.
  6. I don't think it is a bag for old ladies. I think it is a great bag and I plan on carrying it when I am an old lady. ;)
  7. I got my mom an Alma with my first "real" paycheck. I chose the Alma because I thought (*still do*) it's classy. She's not an "old lady" and she looks great carrying it

    I would love to get one myself eventually.. :love:
  8. I bought the Alma monogram ages ago and really did not like it. I did not like the way the zipper operns up the whole purse. I always was afraid I would loose something. I ended up giving it to my sister who loved it and used it for years.
  9. I Bought My Mono Alma, Because I Loved The Style. I Would Love A Red Epi Alma
  10. I have the MC alma....it goes with me thourgh hell in back......
  11. I love the alma shape and would like to get one. Then I ll probably be an "old lady" with an alma and a baby! I think LV zips are good overall as I tried a zip on a burberry alma shape bag and it did not work as well as LV.
  12. I have a blk mc and love it..

  13. I have an orange epi alma. I got it because my orange epi speedy fell through, and that was the only orange purse they had. I think i kinda
    "settled" but it keeps it shape really well, so i think its growing on me.
  14. I have the Alma in white MC, it's a lovely bag and I've never seen an "old lady" with one here, or even with a fake one.
  15. I was never interested in the alma before. I mean I like it, but never actually consider buying one for myself. Then, when I was on holiday in London I saw a couple of ladies with their mono almas, and I thought wow very stylish. They were wearing jeans, casual stuff, and I dunno, but something attracted me big time to their almas! I was so sure I wanted the mono but then I thought about the naked vachetta bottom and I changed to damier instead, same price, less worry, equally classic and stylish imo :idea:

    I think the shape of the alma is a classic and will stand the test of time. There are going to be IT bags in the years to come, but the alma will stay, for good.

    Actually, I'm still thinking about the mono alma till now. I wish I could keep the vachetta light and clean, but I think the "naked" bottom is going to be too much of a challenge for me to keep clean :amuse: