Who has got a VAVIN GM ?

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  1. Bonjour from France. I've just discovered this forum and I like it. I see I'm not the only one Vuitton addict !
    I would be interested in a VAVIN GM but I would have the advice of persons who already got it. I already have a LUCO and a CABAS MEZZO but I'm afraid the VAVIN GM is too deep. Is it easy to wear on shoulder ?
  2. Hi! I had the smaller one, but I sold it on Ebay. It's a great bag, but the smaller one was too small (I carry a lot of stuff now!).

    I see people where I work come in with the Vavin GM and it is a beautiful bag. One of the girls is short (about 5' 2") and it sits on her shoulder nicely and looks really good on her.
  3. Oops. Welcome to the Forum Trosson!
  4. I just bought the Batignolles Horizontal last Friday and love it so far. I am also considering the Vavin GM and considering whether I should exchange it. I think the GM has a lot more structure and it may be too rigid for me. Have you considered the Batignolles Vertical?