Who has got a TRIANA ?

  1. Bonsoir, I like the TRIANA but I would like to get opinions from owners of this bag. Merci.
  2. Hi there,

    I have just recently been given Triana as a gift from my mother. I personally think that this bag is a classic and timeless piece. It goes with everything, all seasons, day and night. It is very elegant and structured, which is exactly what i wanted. My only concern was that I'm 21 and at times I thought I might be too young for this bag. But the good side of it is that like I said TIMELESS. It will never go old :P
    I think the price is worth it...
  3. The Damier Triana was my Mum's first bag...and still one of her absolute favourites. She loves the two compartments you get on the outside, and the central compartment is really roomy too! When I use it, I manage to fit my long wallet, pochette accessories full of makeup, hard sunglasses case, and mini-agenda. I hope you get it! :yes:
  4. I don't have a damier triana, but I have a damier brera, it's similar shape to the triana, but smaller. I like my brera very much!:tup: