Who has got a Cabas Alto ?

  1. Bonjour, I would like to know what you can do with such an huge bag ?
  2. run away from home? :P but seriously, i think it's another alternative to an overnight bag. i've seen girls use this bag for Uni.
  3. I use it for travel. I don't know what I would do without one!!!:love:
  4. I've always wanted a cabas alto ever since I saw it in this Chinese movie. Sucks that they've discontinued it now, plus no one is willing to give them up so they're rarely seen on eBay =(
  5. hi EVOLKAtie: why not try the cabas Mezzo, it's also huge plus it's got zipper on top...
  6. I have one that I love. It's my everday "work horse" bag, but it's also great for travel, shopping, the beach, etc. I'm so disappointed that they're not making it anymore - my original plan was to use it until it fell to pieces and then buy another to use to pieces. Time for a new plan, I guess.

  7. Looks great on you, LV_addict!! I wish I had one! :shame:
  8. LV_addict, that looks awesome on you!
  9. :shame: Thank you so much, ladies!!!:love:
  10. I've never liked the MM sized bags. Either GM or PM for me. lol

    Also, lv_addict, that alto isn't in that great of a condition to me. I'm picky =( How much do you think it'll cost to replace all the vachetta?
  11. I was dying to get an alto for a school bag then as soon as I had enough money saved for one they discontinued it. I ended up with a Abbesses messenger bag that I have never used once and I'm thinking about selling.
  12. I don't have one but would love one! It's so big and roomy!