Who has gold...

  1. [​IMG] thoughts ?
  2. I don't have it but it's pretty :love:
  3. Does this one have legacy lining?
  4. That was the bag that made me fall in love with Coach when they had it in the reversible sig stripe tote, unfortunately I never did get it despite getting sig stripe in a bunch of other colors... maybe for the next PCE...
  5. beautiful :drool:
  6. I have wanted that bag for so long.
  7. :sad:No,
  8. Any issues with this bag and rub off from dark clothes ?
  9. I love that bag but I want it bigger.
  10. Love this bag!
  11. beautiful...i love anything thats signature and gold!!!!
  12. ^^ its just a bag you could drool over all day
  13. Bump anyone have this bag... I'm hoping to find more pic's of this bag.
  14. I don't have it but its very cute
  15. does anyone know if the metallic will be rubbed off in time?