who has gerbil? shoudl i adopt 2 of them?

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  1. hey all, does anyone here has gerbil? i am think of adopting 2 of them...i was buying some stuff for my fish at my local petco and they had about 5 of them that was up for adoption. apparently one of the their customer accidentally bough a male n female and they make babeies...:P

    so i hvae a few quesiton:
    1. are they easy pet?
    2. expensive in term of food n maintence

    thxs alll..
  2. my cousin had gerbils. they're super easy to take care of and very cheap.
  3. i have had gerbils in the past and hamsters....they are very easy to care for and relatively inexpensive....just make sure you clean the cage once a week dumping all the bedding out and take out all the items such as the wheel, food bowl etc and wash them with soapy water...also make sure you do not buy bedding that has cedar chips as that can cause respiratory problems...use care fresh instead...make sure you clean the water daily....i am not sure about having two at the same time....we had two gerbils that were fine together for a while and then suddenly started fighting badly....they had to be seperated...i would probably do some research about whether it is recommended to have 2 together or like syrian hamsters where they are solitary...and try to get a 20 gallon tank at least as their home...the crittertrails and plastic homes look cute but are not ideal for them....hope that helps!!! good luck..post pics when u get them!!!
  4. They are very easy to take care of. As for expenses, you'll need a cage, bedding, food, toys, etc., so the startup cost might be a little more - but they're relatively cheap to care for.
  5. thxs all for yr help....

    i was at petco today and the staff said that thye r sick bocs they have diarrhea and should not adopt them... i was so sad....hope they get better