Who has FINE or THIN hair? Come in here!!

  1. Aveda invati system works for me, I have real fine hair that has problems growing. My hair has grown an inch in 2 1/2 months which is a whole lot for me, before it took my hair 1 year! Yes one year to grow two inches
  2. I know I am bumping this thread, but I am looking for support in growing out healthy long, though fine and thin, hair.

    I have VERY fine hair. It is genetic. My kids hair is also VERY fine. But I want to embrace it and love it. I am choosing not to be jelous to those, whose hair is thick etc. They have their own challenges...

    We all, who have fine hair have very big challenges in making it look healthy and beautiful. Because it being so thin, it breaks easily, it tangles, any little shedding is REALLY noticable, any heat or chemical treatment fries it, chlorine (mine is blondish) makes it green, sun makes it lighter, my scalp is showing, and if I don't wash it every single day I look like a bold man with a comb-over, my ends are split and frizzy fly aways, and my ponytail is the size of a mouse's tail. :roflmfao: ...but that is all I have, so I am going to make it look the best I possibly can.

    So, I want to invite you to do the same and support each other in the process.

    This is what I do so far:

    -besides my hair being already very thin, I have lost a lot of hair in the last year. My scalp cleavage became very noticable a mile away, and I constantly had hair all over me, my pillows, shower, sink, brush...it seemed like I had more hair everywhere else than on my head. I had a stressful year. I lost lots of weight.... so, my first step on recovery is ....guess what... a healthy diet.

    my biggest problem was inadequate intake of protein. I knew the lack of protein makes you shed. So, I started concentrating on eating protein - every morning I have eggs or egg whites, every lunch and dinner - lots of meat or fish, every day I drink a very strong protein shake.

    -with so much emphasis on protein, I need to make sure that I take in the rest of nutrients. So, I researched for one of the best and strongest multi-vitamins...that includes iron (I tend to be anemic)

    - hair and nail supplement!!! plus Ginko Biloba to improve circullation. I have cold hands and feet - which means poor blood circulation thus resulting in a lack of nutrients to the hair folicules.

    -Diatomaceous Earth supplement from the vitamin store. (I will let you do your own research on that)

    - Outside: Revitalizing shampoo, Moisturizing conditioner (for ends only), leave in moisturizing conditioner, wild growth oil blend for scalp.... and IGROW laser therapy helmet.

    I try to keep it in preserving hair style during work days and at night, making my hair loose only when I go out, thus hoping I am reducing breakage.

    I have used Viviscal pro for 4 months but stopped cost of the budget cuts... I did seamless hair extensions to improve my looks for a while, but it's not really a solution.

    My improvement so far - hair is very soft and manageable, my scalp isn't showing hardly, it looks like new hair came through. I am hoping for more though. I am going to keep caring for it. I am hoping that those of you who have long fine but healthy beautiful hair would post pictures for us as inspiration. :smile:
  3. This is a great post. Well done for everything you have done :smile:
  4. My hair is thin and im always finding it everywhere but a lot of hairdressers have commented on how healthy it is. I do wish it was thicker though...
  5. What do you do to keep it healthy? Also, can you post some pics? I need inspiration.

    One new thing I'm going to start doing is to switch to all natural products: http://www.justnaturalskincare.com/

    I don't know what else is out there, but this is the line I just ordered and planning on trying, because it has specialized products for thinning hair and so on... I will let you know if I notice any difference after I use it for a while.

    Growing hair out is hard!