Who has FINE or THIN hair? Come in here!!

  1. I use Maybelline clear mascara and instead of putting it on my lashes, I use it on my baby hairs so they don't looks so flyaway. It works wonderfully.

  2. fly aways: put in garnier XXL volume thickning moose ( its like a super light hair spray) when your hair is wet and then blow dry it out....

    i dont know- i A) grew my hair from 1" below the ear to 1" below the sholder and B) dyed it
    and one of the two of those things make it at least 3X thicker.
  3. I have thin, fine, slightly wavy hair. Wearing it just below shoulder-length and highlighted gives it a lot more body so it hardly looks thin/fine at all!
  4. I wish I had fine hair so so badly. I have very thick hair and it's curly. If I ever want to straighten it, it takes a good hour. lol
  5. I also have fine/thin hair. When I was young not problems but when I was 20 I was losing my hair, weight gain, menstrual problems etc etc. At that time( I am almost 40 now) I was diagnosed with PCOS- Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome or PCOD as some call it. I have tried sooooo many products and spent lots of $ trying different things but I can tell you that Nioxin has helped me for years. It is true that your don't realise it till you stop using it. The only time my hair got even thicker was when I was pregnant but when my son turned 3 months old, it fell out :sad: At first I felt like a Chia-pet since I saw little sprouts of hair all over. They now make it in various formulas color treated hair etc which is what I use since I get highlights to help with volume I also use the Scalp Therapy which makes you kind of feel like you just brushed your teeth on your head LOL it's quite minty.
    I know my hair will never be super thick but I am happy that Nioxin has helped.
  6. i've used Nioxin but wasn't impressed. Maybe I didn't give it much of a chance?
  7. Yes! The Redken Anti-Snap treatment! I don't have thin hair, but I love that stuff. Also really helps with frizzy hair!
  8. Mine is fine and thin, it grows slowly, too. I used to have such a hard time finding a stylist who wouldn't chop off two inches as soon as I sat in the chair. The stylist I have now is fantastic! She has the same type of hair, and does such a great job. I just bought a GHD straightener, too, and I'll say that it's definitely worth it's weight in gold. My hair has never looked this good. Where was GHD when I was in high school!?!
  9. my hair is really thick and fine but my hair is the same way! I can not get my curls to stay or anything! I was always jealous of people with curly hair!
  10. okay, for you thin hair girls....i'm thinking of getting a hair straightener/curler but i can't decide which. i'd love the ghd but don't know if it would be worth spending that extra hundred or so on (in Canada, it's $280!) it. i've heard that it's more gentle with hair (which is a big concern with fine/thin hair!) but is the T3 Bespoke Labs one or the regular CHI ones just as gentle?

    do any of you fine/thin haired girls curl or straighten your hair on a fairly regular basis? how do you protect it?
  11. I have thin hair, but I am lucky to have a lot of hair. However, my hair doesn't hold any styling. It is kind of boring.
  12. Just noticed posts about the dry shampoo - for those of you who live in the UK try Lee Stafford Dry Shampoo for Oily Roots (available in the bigger Boots). Much better than B&B! It cost £6.99.
  13. I use Halo Volumizing shampoo and conditioner, then Big 'n' Sexy humidity defying (or something like that) volumizing mousse. I've tried EVERYTHING!!!!

    It's a struggle ...
  14. Ah, a thread that so sums up my hair problems. I have always had fine hair but since I was diagnosed with a neurological condition (MS) and had to take a bunch of steroids and other nasties, it is just horrible. I have gone through so many 'miracle cures', treatments and supplements ranging from flax seed oil to biolustre and via every volumising product on the market. I have used highlights, clever layers, up-dos and sharp styles to try and disguise the problem, but then before Christmas discovered a system by Lucinda Ellery in the UK that is miracle worker for me. It doesn't feel great up close and is scarily expensive, but from a distance, I am transformed! I love having (the appearance of) thick, shiny hair that effortlessly falls to my shoulders. Of course, I know it is really thin, wispy and just below my chin without help, but no one else apart from those closest to me believes I have anything other than the golden halo Lucinda E's system has offered me. Reading this thread actually made me tearful and reminded me why I am so pleased to have found something that works for me. Hair is such a big deal and we never really realise that until it goes wrong I've learned. . .
  15. I have fine thin hair too. I'm sick of my hair right now. I can do noting much about it. I have to pull up my hair all the time even you can see my scalp.