Who has FINE or THIN hair? Come in here!!

  1. Well, i don't have fine or thin hair but my sister does. She's been using kerastase products on her hair for about a year and just recent got her hair cut my this hair stylist from LA. And now I can see that her hair really got so much better, she has so much volume and they look so much healthier than before. Kerastase is expensive but they really worth all your money.
  2. Are prenatal vitamins available over the counter? Sorry - I've never been pregnant - but I always presumed they were prescription or dr issued...

    I haven't tried kerastase, but I will! It would be worth almost any amount of $$$ to me to have great hair! I have pretty hair, soft, I keep it colored well, but soooo thin.
  3. Yes you can buy prenatal vitamins over the counter. They are in the regular vitamin section. I am going to check out the Keratase too!
  4. See! I am 30 years old and still learning something new every day!
  5. me too! I WISH I had thick hair. My new lowlights/highlights help. I also wear extensions. I hate the upkeep, but I love long hair and hate my thin hair!
  6. i also have super weak bendy nails...I've always thought the 2 might be related (I'm a vegetarian BUT I have more than enough iron count). My entire family has long thick luscious hair. arg.
  7. Hair and nails are related - I believe prenatal vitamins help with both. I didn't know until today that you could buy them OTC, and that you can take them if you're not pregnant...
  8. Me too....thin hair, weak nails. I never thought that the 2 could be related. Makes sense though. I like to wear my hair as long as possible, however it just does not really grow much past about shoulder length. Whenever I go the the salon, they just shrug and want to cut it really really short. EEEEK! I've never found a stylist that I feel comfortable with and am forever stressing about my next cut. I really need one right now, but do not know what to do. Try somebody new or go back to the one I really wasn't happy with anyway.
    My hair used to be a bit fuller with more natural curl(which helped make it look fuller), until I had my daughter, and tons of it fell out right after I had her. It never grew back. Now I have much less curl and way less hair!
    I've thought about doing extensions, but have no idea where to go for them, how long they last, the cost, how to care for them etc.
    What I wouldn't do for a gorgeous full head of hair instead of these fine, limp locks!

  9. Do a search for extensions, there are a lot of threads (I've contributed pics to a few)- you can get some really great info!
  10. Since I've been taking those vitamins, my nails are strong and grow like crazy. I think I file them down 2x/week. I wish they made my hair grow that fast!
  11. while I was pregnant and taking prenatal pills, I always had strangers complimenting how shiney and beautiful my hair was. I asked my Dr about this and she told me that while on the pills, your hair won't shed as much. Thus, making your hair look alot fuller.

  12. This is my story exactly. Although I am taking prenatals and trying to get pregnant. And I just started taking them so hopefully my hair will thicken up some like yours. THe longer my hair gets the straglier it looks. I really love redken guts, it really adds volume to my roots.
  13. It's weird i have thick hair and a lot of it, BUT only my front top hair by the hairline is very thin. I have a huge widows peak that I hate!! I had it since I was a teen. It is embarrasing and I can't ever just pull my hair in one of those high ponytails.
  14. One of my friends has thick hair but it is fine. If my hair was thick and fine, I would be much happier. Although, I am not sure if coarse and thick is better or worse than thin and fine. The one good thing about my hair is that it does a hold a shine.

    Does anyone find that they have to wash their hair more often than people with thick hair do? One of my friends has thick coarse hair and washes once a week! I can go every other day, but by the end of the second day (me at the moment) it starts to get oily.
  15. Here here! I use baby powder or B&B hair powder in between to make sure the bangs/front are not lookin' oily!