Who has FINE or THIN hair? Come in here!!

  1. Alright, I think there needs to be a thread for those who have fine or thin hair. I have relatively fine hair but more so, I have THIN hair....as in, if I pull up my hair you can see a lot of scalp. It's evenly distributed but still, very thin. Unfortunately, genetic from my dad.

    My hair does NOT hold any style....no curls, no poofs, no nothing! It's hard to get volume and even when I DO get it, you can tell it's just a lot of air so I prefer not to (think old ladies with those short poofs on their head. lol!)

    If you've got similar hair, identify yourselves! I'd love to get a thread going for us so we can share problems, tips, products and salons that are good for us, etc. :smile:
  2. Mine is thin and fine, although not as much so as yours. When I pull it in a ponytail, it's about as big around as a dime. I've always wanted thick gorgeous hair, and am on a constant quest for great volumizing products that smell good!
  3. Thanks for starting this thread! I get so jealous when I read posts by people with thick hair. :lol: I have fine hair, and it is pretty thin. However, I started taking prenatal vitamins (I am not pregnant or trying to be), and they have made my hair thicker which is cool. I feel like the problem with thing/fine hair is that it looks straggly when it is long. I always wish that the ends were less sparse. :sad: I am thinking of getting clip on human hair extensions though to fill in m hair a little bit more and add length.
  4. ITA cosmo! I've never been able to have mine much past my shoulders.

    I read that Great Hair from the Vitamin Shoppe is supposed to work really well. I ordered it, took it for 2 weeks, then quit taking it, so I can't say whether it does. Maybe I'll try again - it was pretty inexpensive & didn't make me feel weird or anything.
  5. I have fine hair! I had to tease my hair into curling... Though i haven't curled my hair in awhile, so when i do it lasts maybe an hour if i am lucky :p Sometimes when i curl my hair, i have put it in a bun and sometimes it stays longer.... But i feel sad when i see people who even get to put their hair in a pony tail and it looks cute, nice, and full, i try and it looks blah like i dont have enough hair and my hair is longer. I even had a bald spot for the longest time( not one people could notice, but i could!) :sad: i finally got hair in that spot a couple years ago :tup:
  6. I have very fine hair. I stopped using conditioner a short time ago and that has helped a lot. It's not as flat as it used to be even though it is by no means full of volume. I also have highlights in my hair which seems to help. The highlights give it a little more volume. I keep my hair around shoulder length. Anything longer tends to really weigh it down. I can't really use too many clips, etc. because they fall out. I give up wearing my hair up. Once in awhile I pull it back into a ponytail, but the ponytail is really sad looking.
  7. I found that only conditioning the ends of the hair does not weigh down hair.
  8. i totally know what you mean!! my ends start to come together in little bunches like dread locks...but JUST at the tip, if that makes sense....and it does look straggly. :sad: I used to take those vitamins too and it worked a little but then i stopped (i can't for the life of me manage to take pills every day). But even with that, it was no where near the kind of hair i want!

  9. Good thread idea! I have fine/thin hair and it is a pain in the rear! Total BS! It's heredity and I'm also always anemic which causes more than normal hair shedding. It's annoying as heck and I am way too vain to let my hair look bad so I end up spending a fortune on it to make it look good so no one believes me when I tell them I have thin hair, but I do! It breaks very easily if I go too crazy dying it, heat styling, etc. I use volumizing shampoos and conditioners (switch brands a lot) and I'm loyal to Redken Anti-Snap leave in treatment (it is weightless and helps soo much with the breakage issue). I also use a "light" John Frieda hair serum for shine, it doesn't make my hair look stringy or greasy so it's really good. I think the best route for making thin hair look better is getting highlights (adds color dimension and roughens up the hair cuticle) and hair extensions, which are basically miraculous when done well. I've tried hair vitamins, prenatal vitamins and iron supplements along with vitamin B injections from the Dr. and none made any big difference for me!
  10. i'm using nioxin #4. my aunt uses it because her hair is thining now. i'm not sure if it works yet, but my gal friend who does hair said it's pretty good. other clients have told her that they only could tell a difference when they stopped using nioxin. i have thin hair, but it's curly so you can't tell it's so thin. i hope this nioxin works because i spent a bunch on it.
  11. I do this too and it helps! Conditioning the ends also helps keep it from breaking when you brush through it. I can't afford too much breakage!

    I also put volumizing gel into the roots to pump it up, and then through the rest of my hair for hold.

    Those great hair glossers that give you a ton of shine are a really bad idea for fine hair - much too heavy!
  12. i do i do, I feel like sometime I just wanna chop all of my hair off so it can grow back thick and healthy :sad:
  13. I have fine limp hair too! I envy those asian ladies with stick straight hair.
    Me----I have natural curl that curls even more when I put in leave in conditioner. I used to color my hair a lot in high school but havent colored my hair for over 6 years. Seems everytime I color my hair the hair diameter gets smaller and smaller.
  14. If that would work, I'd probably do it!!!
  15. i have fine thin hair too! i hate it!! ive also been researching those volumizing shampoos/treatments and so far, i think im going to try PhytoVolume next. my friend recommended it coz it's currently working out for her....so we'll see.