Who has experience with fostering and/or MinPins?

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  1. I have just recently decided to apply to foster MinPins in need of homes in my area. There are two organizations near me, and I have never fostered before!

    I currently have two chihuahuas: Diesel, my black-and-tan 2 year old 5-6 lb male, and Coco, my brown-and-white 6 month old 4-lb female. I don't have kids, so that's not a problem. I do have a nice big backyard with a long run that I hook the dogs' leashes to.

    I have no experience with MinPins or fostering specifically, but I am pretty experienced will small breeds and I looooove MinPins.

    So, anybody got any suggestions/advice/stories to share?
  2. ^I plan on fostering when I get my own house (hopefully within a year!!) so I can't offer you any advice, but just wanted to say that you are so awesome!!! You are going to have so much impact on so many lives!
  3. I have fostered doxies. The one thing to remember is that you might be the first normal person to get the doggie if it is a rescue or shelter dog. That means you may need to work with the dog on house breaking if it needs a refresher or never learned, leash walking, socialization skills, etc. Many rescues have been abused or never socialized so they need some help. But I can tell you that almost 100% of dogs, once they are fostered in a calm, humane home where they can learn they flourish and learn very quickly. It can be very rewarding! It is also hard not to fall for each dog that come over, but if you trust your rescue organization you know that the home will be a good one. And finally, I have had calls at 1AM saying "we are coming with a dog" so be ready and flexible!
  4. One of our fab mods sunshine has 2 minpins. I have had fostering experience with goldens but nothing small. I only did it once and giving the dog up was the hardest thing ever. That why i never wanted to do it again. LOL
  5. thanks for all the input!

    I feel like my 2 dogs are pretty happy and well-adjusted (aside from Diesel being so anxious and neurotic) so I hope that I can provide that loving, learning environment!

    I am afraid that it may be hard to give them up, but I'm also hoping that knowing before I get them that I will have to someday, and knowing that they're going to a loving home will make it easier!
  6. Fostering is REALLY REALLY hard unless you are sure that you will be able to give the dogs up.

    We have failed rescue 101 enough times that we have five little bundles of love and have placed 3 others with family members so that we can still see them regularly.
  7. Ohhhh I can imagine you have quite the menagerie now!

    I *think* I can handle it. It will be hard, I'm sure, but knowing that they're only coming for an extended visit, plus the fact that they'll be going to a home....

    I just want to be able to make a difference, even if it's a small temporary one.
  8. I have no idea about fostering....I do have two min pins and they have brought me more joy and happiness than I can ever imagine or explain. They are very high strung dogs, very busy, crave attention and thrive on discipline. We had alot of fun training them as they are people pleasers and love nothing more than being told how good they are. They are smart, and know it. They will challenge you if you do not show them you are boss. If I can help you in any way please PM me. I have lots of books on the breed if you would like to borrow, I would be happy to send them
    Good luck, and what a kind thing to do.
  9. Sunshine -

    I started reading that thread last night and sharing some of the stories with my DBF, and later he comes into the kitchen and says "When does our new baby get here?" :Push: So I think he may have a harder time letting go than I will, LOL!

    I will finish reading that thread today, and thank you for sharing, Sunshine! It didn't occur to me to search Min Pins, but now I will see what other gems I can find!:yes:

    I looked at another MinPin rescue site, and this just broke my heart. http://www.rescueminpins.com/2/tg.htm I just cannot understand why or how someone could do that to another living thing. This particular network is to far from me so I can't work with them, but I donated to Trooper Gabriel.

    Oh, Warning: there are some semi-graphic photos of an injured doggie on there, so if you are easily affected, you may not want to go there. The story is just so heartbreaking and these people are so amazingly kind I wanted to share.
  10. I keep wanting to foster, but that is my fear!

    Good luck to you, Diesel!
  11. I think it would be impossible for me to be honest!!! Minpins love to bond and cuddle. Mine follow me around constantly. If Im sitting, one of them is by me always, in the kitchen cooking they sit by my feet, in bed they are by my hip....once that bond is there...forget it...its love baby!! LOL I could not imagine then giving them away. However, I think if you can do it, Gold bless you! I have been on that website many times and its a wonderful organization. One of my BF's adopted from that site. Please keep up posted!