Who has Elektrochoc Sandal here??

  1. I just tried them on at a boutique, and I LOVE them! Unfortunately my store didn't have my size, so they are transferring pink and white pairs for me. They are surprisingly comfortable, and very cute for spring/summer. I was afraid them to look cheap, since they are plastic, but NOT AT ALL!! I might get both White(my favorite) and Pink, but feeling some love for Turquoise too..... Good thing they are only $355.

    Does anyone have them already?? What's your thoughts??:p

  2. i have the white ones, and i LOVE THEM! they are super comfortable for their height. i had to go down a size though. they seem to run a little large. i haven't seen the fuschia in real life yet. if i wear to get another pair, it would probably be those. they yellow just doesn't flatter my skin tone.
  3. They're cute but heavy. I couldn't make them work.
  4. I love them!
    I gotta get me some in Turquoise!
  5. Yeah, I tried on Yellow but color didn't look good on my Asian skin tone. I just try to think of that as fortunate thing, or otherwise I might end up getting all colors!

    Weight of shoes doesn't bother me much, I think CL maryjane wedge is so much heavier than Electrochoc...too bad they didn't work out for you LVbabydoll...
  6. Go get them and post pics!!!!!!!
  7. those shoes are hot!! please post pics when you get them ... I want to see them on someone!
  8. I have them in white and lOVE THEM!
  9. Yeah I didn't try them on but I can just tell they're too much for me. I LOVE the turquoise though.
    I think if I end up getting any at all, it'd be these:
  10. I love the look of these....you can't beat the price either! ;)
  11. Syntagma, those looks HOT on you!!!! That's the color I'm def. getting. I can't make up my mind if I want Pink or Turquoise...or both LOL.
  12. those are the ones I like too! :biggrin:
  13. oo i love those shoes they are so cute!!! i could never make them work though, i love my allstars toooo much!

  14. I thought so too, when I tried them on.
  15. Syntagma, they looks so good on you. I want to try on a pair, so perfect for summer. love wedges.