Who has declined a SO?

  1. Wondering if any of you have ever declined a Special Order? Did you feel any consequences? Attitude from the SA. etc.?
  2. Well.....since I can't special order anything from the San Fran store, I'll never have the CHANCE to decline.....kinda would like the opportunity though....
  3. I declined a SO trim a while ago...no problems...my SA was extrememly gracious and understanding and continues to assist me a few years later...
  4. I'm about to decline my SO when it arrives...
  5. So far not yet because they haven't arrived! Let's wait and see when my 2 SOs come:
    - 30cm Birkin, orange ostrich with gold hardware
    - 28cm Kelly, sellier, natural chamonix with palladium hardware
  6. I haven't declined but I have cancelled. My SA was just fine with it and hasn't treated me any differently.
  7. Perja -- Oh No!!! :sad: Can I ask what you are turning down?
  8. Probably my Garance JPG... if no one else from here wants it.
  9. LOL, shopmom, you always make me laugh with your cooties....I can't imagine why ...how can they not love you there???
  10. Perja...it will be okay. It really will.

    I know of two people who won't turn their orders down for fear of the consequences, so they just sell them without profit. Yes, they feel bad, but they do what they have to do.

    Don't feel that you have to take it or that you will be treated poorly if you decline. It is a big investment, if you are not happy. Think of you first!
  11. Thanks ladies for all your feedback:flowers: I am just realizing that my lifestyle works SO much better with the birkin and since i can not afford ALL the Hermes bags I would like I am thinking of saying no to a kelly I have on order and putting this budget towards a 30cm birkin that can work well for day or night (easy access)...especially since they much easier to come by and I can find one later when the time is right:smile:
  12. Oh Perja, why?? The color or the bag??

    I have never rejected any SOs to date but I think my SA won't mind...besides they can easily sell it once they put it up on display right? No loss to them either way.
  13. Sounds very reasonable!
  14. I was talking about my SO today with SA, she was so helpful that she is ordering a croc wallet in the same color from another store(doing a switch), so that I can really see color , she said " OH, might as well see the color now so that when it comes you are not surprised" and she said it as if it would be FINE if I did not take my SO, I was pleasantly surprised. My SO is going to take a year and a half, if I indeed go with my thoughts!;)
  15. When I did mine, the manager stressed to me that generally when they do SO's the customer is basically agreeing upon purchasing it when it arrives and she took an imprint of my card. When she called me when it arrived, she mentioned in her message that she had my card number handy and "wanted to touch base before she charged me".

    Then again, she may be just saying this to discourage empty SO's that never pan out. Like someone above said, I'm sure even if it is a SO, if the person doesn't buy and so they put it on the shelf, it'll sell anyway.