who has damier ribera mini?

  1. can you model it please? i want to get one, bnut not sure about the size.....
    i am pretty bad when it comes to measuring sizes and stuff.
  2. i love it...seriously, i love the mini ribera..but i won't get it because my friend has it and the canvas is pretty stiff..every time she tries to get something from inside the bag, her hands get scratched by the zipper...

    maybe a used one will be better?
  3. really???? thats too bad.... the style looks very cute tho....
  4. oh i never thought of that!! ribera mini is soooooo cute :smile:
  5. here is the pm and mm ( i believe is the second one)
    louisvuitton-n41436-4.jpg handbg 004.jpg
  6. thanks for the pics.....
    i am not so sure anymore. the pm looks too small and the mm looks too big.
  7. i had the mini ribera and i loved that bag but had to let it go to pay some bills. it didnt bother my arm from scratches. i was able to hold lots in the bag. LV agenda, cles, check book . cell phone and a compact zip wallet. and had room for a little other stuff
  8. I think Irissy has one...
  9. OMG its sooo sooo cute :smile:
  10. i have the mini and i LOVE It..its soo cute and i get compliments on it every time i carry it. it is very stiff and sometimes my hands do get scratched when i reach inside, but im willing to sacrifice that for its cuteness =) and suprisingly, it can hold much more than you would think. i can fit my huge chanel sunglasses case, koala wallet, compact, lipgloss, cell phone, and keys w/ room to spare!
  11. i have it too. and i love it! its really cute and can really hold a lot more than you thought. as for the size, i think it depends on where u want to use it to. it certainly cant be an everyday bag, but it would be a really cute bag if you want something small. ahhhhh. in short, you should get it. :smile:
  12. should i get the ribera mini today before the price hike?
    how much smaller is it in comparison to speedy 25?
  13. i'd like to know the answer !!how much smaller is?!thank you!